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This works well for Cox, who has shown he can juggle multiple plot When I read a media tie-in book, I just want a solid adventure with the characters.

This works well for Cox, who has shown he can juggle multiple plots in a novel in his other work. It also means we have three plots to follow, each of which was interesting enough for their own novel. The Enterprise is brought in to help a frontier planet that has become home of a Star Trek version of a Gold Rush.

So, as Kirk and the crew assist with the problems the residents of the planet are having with the huge influx of prospectors, Sulu is put in charge of assisting the nearby starbase that is understaffed for the rush of people, and both Spock and Chekov are in charge of finding smugglers on a planet that does not have warp drive yet. Each plot moves along rapidly and gives the characters a chance to shine.

STAR TREK TOS: "BEYOND ANTARES" Lost (CGI) Animated Episode! (Part 1 of 3) HD

The story moves rapidly, and I found myself wanting to race ahead to see what would happen next. Rather than something ground breaking or changing things up for the property, this is a well written adventure that fits comfortably in the established lore. Like a good Star Trek novel, it was like spending time with characters you are fond of.

Sep 11, Eve rated it really liked it Shelves: read I was unable to finish this book. But this one was really poorly written.

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I felt like the author had a wheel of combinations of characters he wanted to put together, and rather than having a plot that drove the story, the pairings were in the drivers seat. The story of a mining rush also didn't work.

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Comparing this to Capetian's Oath really puts this I was unable to finish this book. Comparing this to Capetian's Oath really puts this book in a negative light. That being said, I have hope this is just a one off blip. And I don't regret reading it. When the inhabitants of the independent colony Baldur III discover cast quantities of pergium, a prospecting rush sees freebooters and adventurers converge on the planet to stake a claim.

Kirk and the 'Enterprise' crew soon find that the numbers of prospectors keen to exploit planetary resources are almost as many people keen to protect the planet. At any cost. Cox's novel works well in general, but lets itself down in unravelling an unnecessary mystery that weaves its way through the novel by not When the inhabitants of the independent colony Baldur III discover cast quantities of pergium, a prospecting rush sees freebooters and adventurers converge on the planet to stake a claim.

Cox's novel works well in general, but lets itself down in unravelling an unnecessary mystery that weaves its way through the novel by not satisfactorily explaining the motivations of the antagonists. Oct 01, Rex Libris rated it liked it. The Enterprise has to go to a frontier, gold rush to maintain order and keep the peace. The crew has to split up to do this. They encounter different groups of bad guys who bad things.

But this is Star Fleet, and they overcome by Goodness! The story quality is on par with what you expect from original Trek episodes. It was a real chore getting through about the first third of the book, but then the story picks up and gets better. Sep 11, Mrklingon rated it really liked it Shelves: sf , space-opera , star-trek , audiobook. Boldly go! A nice adventure in TOS Trek - always worth the time. This adventure by Cox, a master at weaving together all sorts of canonical Trek details splits the action between three scenes - a space station, a frontier colony and a pre-warp civilization on the verge of Prime Directive violating contamination.

It's a nice mix and Cox does a good job shifting from one crisis to another as our heroes work to solve some problems! Sep 26, Jay rated it it was amazing Shelves: star-trek. Honestly haven't read a Star Trek original series book for a while, but took a chance on this one and it was excellent. Easily one of the best I've ever read.

Well done Greg Cox! Reads like a long episode and a really good story. Sep 18, Brett rated it really liked it. Definitely agree with the assessment that there might be just one too many plots in this book the tea plot was kind of unnecessary but as far as Star Trek fiction goes this was a good one. Sep 02, Bill rated it liked it Shelves: star-trek. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sep 28, Michael Bradley rated it really liked it. Good read, not as great as other Greg Cox Star Trek novels, but ok.

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Not much action, Kirk is not in a lot of the adventures going on in the story. I received the book as a gift, I would wait till you can get it on sale or at the library.

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A good classic story A good read totally enjoyed it. This is classic star trek and would have made a great TOS two part episode. Aug 23, Craig Russo rated it really liked it Shelves: audio. Format: audio That was quite good! The Federation approach was just a little too laissez-faire for me, though. Still, this was worth listening to and I recommend you listen to it. Jonathan rated it really liked it Aug 30, Fred Dann rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Duis ultricies pharetra magna.

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High Life TV. For content owner. For content buyer. For channel owner. For production. She presses the captain to reveal her origins, and how she intends to extract and transport such a vast amount of water. Thinking quickly, Amber tries hard not to lie, and dances around the subject. Finally pressed hard by Nakoma, Amber reveals that she cannot tell her where she is from, nor where she is going, but offers a solemn promise that she is of a people who intend no harm toward any other people. Knight agrees and now has approval to procure , gallons of water.

Over then next several days and nights, Captain Knight oversees regular beam-outs of water from the might river that runs by the town. Bailey has a photograph taken with her local friend, Amber Rose Sideshow. Endurance leaves Antares IV with its trainee recovered, and its water tanks filled with what they need. All content contained herein is intended as non-profit, fan-based material supporting science-fiction role-play within the SecondLife TM virtual world, based upon Star Trek TM originally created by Mr.

Gene Roddenberry. Star Trek, any of its related concepts used herein, or any derivative works used herein are the property of CBS, Inc.

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