Desire #1 (Vampire Confessions)

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But when the town police begin to investigate, Stefan Salvatore is drawn into the intrigue as part of a love triangleā€¦and the prime suspect in this grisly murder! Dollar Bin Codeword.

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Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced. Sort by A-Z Price. Issue 1A-1ST. Published May by Action Lab Entertainment. Add to cart Near Mint. Issue 1B-1ST.

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Issue 1C-1ST. Issue ST. Published Feb by Action Lab Entertainment. Published Nov by Action Lab Entertainment. Published Aug by Action Lab Entertainment. Published Jun by Action Lab Entertainment. Published Apr by Action Lab Entertainment. Issue 2B. Vamperotica Red Reign 2B. Published Aug by Brainstorm. Available Stock Add to want list Add to cart Fine. Issue 9. Vamperotica Red Reign 9.

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Published Jul by Seven Seas. Vampire Confessions 1A. Vampire Diaries 1A. Published Mar by DC. Issue 2. Vampire Diaries 2. Published Apr by DC.

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Issue 3. Vampire Diaries 3. His hand was in my hair, fisting and guiding me until my neck arched and he dropped his lips close to my ear, his chest pressed to my back. Lips parted in need beneath his masculine sexuality. Bolder and harder and needier at the same time.

Touching me. Taking me. Jace started running those big thumbs up and down the crease of my bottom, a tease of illicit desire. My stomach filled with this ball of need so intense I could barely see. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Jackson Alive. As if I could finally breathe. And then Jace was stealing it. Pressing himself back against me and kissing me like a madman.

His touch was rough and demanding and somehow gentle at the same time. A promise that he would never hurt me. My trust in his hands. Those eyes flashed.

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Copper and gold. Dark with desire. A tremble ripped through his massive body. And maybe some of his trust belonged to me, too. Because this boy had been broken. Beaten down. A shot of devotion. A bolt of intensity. A flash before it was gone, and then he was grabbing me at the waist and spinning me around. My hands flew out and grabbed onto the edge of the dresser to keep myself steady. From behind, Jace gripped me by the waist, his fingers sinking into my skin.

The lowest demand. Our reflections were like charcoal drawings in the muted light. Both beautiful and ominous. That you look at me the way you do. Oh God. This man was gonna wreck me. That was the thing about Jace Jacobs. More of everything. Like the awakening of petals. A rose coming to life. Dizziness swept through my head, the man stealing reason and thought. Exposing me. He ran his fingers between my thighs. A gasp pulled free, and my body arched with a pulse of pleasure.

A needy sound came from the base of my throat, and I was pushing back, begging for more. No shyness found. Only me and this boy. My knees came close to buckling. The man so staggering he knocked me from my feet.

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What are you doing to me? Not in all my life. Shivers rolled. He was everywhere. I met the arrogance in his eye. My mouth watered. A yelp ripped free.

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Echoed around my room.