How To Apply Psychological Principles To Generate More Sales

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This, of course, puts content marketers in a dilemma because it is becoming difficult to make content stand out and generate results from content marketing.

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Is there a way we can overcome this hurdle and create a content marketing strategy that generates results? The answer to the question of the hour is a big YES! In this article, we talk about 5 psychological principles that are used by top content marketers to create compelling content, increase sales , generate traffic and finally increase revenue. Having too many choices may seem like a good idea, but it actually makes decision-making stressful.

This is why as content marketers we use this principle to make decision-making easier. It will only result in higher bounce rates on your website. It will ensure the user completes the task they started with. Imagine you are in a store to buy a DSLR. You decide not to buy despite the offer.

5 Psychology Backed Principles that Influence eCommerce Visitors to Becoming Customers

Now, you go to the same store a month later and the sales rep tells you that you are getting a free lens if you purchase the same DSLR. So, what made the second offer work? It was the principle of loss aversion. According to this principle, we tend to feel more pain at losing than we are pleased to gain something of an equivalent value! Meaning, we will try to avoid loss more than we will try to pursue gain. Now, when you are writing a copy you must know what your audience fears losing. This makes a user think more of what they are losing.

Psychology of Sales – 5 Key Physiological Principles You Should Utilize When Selling Anything

In fact, the clever use of black and gray only amplifies loss aversion. Clearly, this principle can easily be applied to content creation strategy. For starters, how about not making everything that you write easily available to your audience. The customer responds by joining a mailing list or by buying a product. Of course -- we all have.

But what did you do?

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This is known as social proof, which is a form of conformity. Here are several ways you can guide your target customers to take a desired action by using social proof:. In investments, loss aversion is simple: People prefer to avoid losses than accrue gains. Loss aversion is often at play with free trials. Consider the example of Netflix. It has often been said that the customer is more interested in the benefits of a product than the features, and that is certainly true.

10 Psychological Triggers to MAKE PEOPLE BUY From YOU! (How to Increase Conversions) Sales Tricks

However, you can still highlight potential losses your customer might feel in your offers as well, and this can lead to more sales. Applying marketing psychology to your existing marketing efforts can make a big difference.

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1. Loss Aversion

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