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Similar documents. More information. During More information. Adolf Hitler. The Jewish people had More information. Many were forced More information. Children Speak Classroom Lessons Children Speak Classroom Lessons Rationale: The purpose of these lessons is to explore the stories of four survivors who were children in Europe during the Holocaust, as presented in the Shoah Foundation More information.

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The purpose of this sample is to give citizenship applicants an idea of the general steps More information. For those of us who are the relatives and friends of alcoholics, these losses affect many aspects of our lives and remain with us over time, whether or not More information. First World War began on 28 th July More information. Which of the following was the location of a Nazi extermination camp? Berlin b. Warsaw c. Auschwitz d. Soviet invasion More information. Social Studies. Directions: Complete the following questions using the link listed below. Equal marriage What the government says Equal marriage What the government says Easy Read Document Important This is a big booklet, but you may not want to read all of it.

It shows what is in More information. Please tell us about yourself. You do not need to pay anyone for this application form or More information. Let op: Alleen gesproken woord More information. They came at 12 noon because they knew it was the main meal of the day, and everyone would be in their homes at that time. Citizenship and Immigration More information. Ron Beal. The United States of America has long been the world s chief receiving Non-fiction: Immigration Immigration The United States of America has long been the world s chief receiving nation for immigrants.

Therefore, More information. They decided to keep a standing More information. Methodological Considerations Methodological Considerations 10 Guidelines to evaluate materials to use when teaching about the Holocaust. Role of husbands and wives in Ephesians 5 Role of husbands and wives in Ephesians 5 Summary The aim of this study is to help us think about relationships between men and women. It is meant to get us thinking about how we should behave in intimate More information. Before , the nations of Europe were involved in a race to obtain overseas colonies all over the world, mainly More information.

Mark Scheme Results January Learning from the Holocaust. The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Ministry of Immigration and Population. Notification No. It was published just days after the Roosevelt administration This cartoon by Eric Godal appeared in Ken magazine on April 7, It was published just days after the Roosevelt administration announced that it was inviting 33 countries to send representatives More information.

Bible More information. International Relations. She married her tutor, William Darragh, in and the More information. Dance costume, , made by Mrs Helena Pogoda More information. The Role of More information. Night chronicles Elie s loss of innocence, his confrontations with evil, and his questioning of God s existence. Sample letter requesting financial assistance German initiated battle in western europe that attempted to push back the allied advance that was un.

German initiated battle in western europe More information. Instructions Use More information.

Answer the questions that follow in More information. The last of these will be developed More information. Anne is writing in her diary while everyone More information. Public baths, parks and public toilets were the main meeting places for these men, who lived More information. Men from the British Empire in the First World War In , Britain ruled over one quarter of the world s surface area and million people. Unlike France, More information.

After the atrocities of the Holocaust, agencies More information. Note: These activities are suitable for students who don t know a lot possibly nothing at all about Shakespeare s writing. Unit 1 A biography of Helen Keller Talking about World War II. With new technological More information. Have you heard of a style of painting called More information.

What questions do you have as a result More information. Be like the stars of our faith-help care for the church! One way More information. Surveys, memoirs and documents The present publication is compiled from the memoirs and articles of officers who studied or served More information. Fifteen high-ranking Nazi party and More information. Background Information, In the Middle East there are two peoples struggling More information.

Final Script. He joined More information. Public Health Tabletop Exercise. Participant Guide Public Health Tabletop Exercise Participant Guide Instructions This exercise has been designed for agencies that will respond to a public health threat. The goal of this exercise is to practice how health More information. Round One: More information.

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Make sure you re protected against German measles the safest way to protect the health of you and your baby Catching German measles rubella can be very serious for your More information. We recommend More information. Guided Reading Level J An Inspiring Life Guided Reading Level J No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, More information. I had a couple of 6th graders read it last year.

The holocaust is in the 6th grade curriculum anyway. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Primary Menu Skip to content. And deep inside me, if I could have searched the recesses of my feeble conscience, I might have found something like: Free at last! Night offers a stark psychological account of the process of human degradation in inhumane conditions.

Even the relatively few and fortunate survivors of the Nazi atrocities, such as Elie Wiesel, became doubly victimized. They are the victims of what they suffered at the hands of their oppressors as well as the victims of what they witnessed others suffer and were unable or unwilling to help. As Wiesel explains to his audience on December 10, during his acceptance speech of the Nobel Prize in Oslo, his message to his son—and to the world at large—is about the empathy required to perpetuate Holocaust memories. Because if we forget, we are guilty, we are accomplices.

Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. September 10, Categories: Judaic Studies. After WWI, Bulgaria had territorial aspirations: it wanted to regain Macedonia, Thrace and southern Dobrudja, provinces it had lost after the war. These territorial grievances led the Bulgarian government to become closer to the Nazi regime.

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Hitler rewarded Bulgaria for its loyalty by forcing Romania to give back southern Dobrudja. This in turn made the Bulgarians even more receptive to the Nazis. King Boris III himself signed this law. However, remarkably, the feelings of the Bulgarian citizens prevented the regime from falling into step with the harsh measures that would destroy the Jews of Nazi-controlled and Nazi-allied Europe. Apparently, the Bulgarian people never considered the 50, Jews in the country—a very small percentage of its population—as a problem.

According to historian Deborah Dwork, the Bulgarian Lawyers Association wrote an open letter protesting the anti-Semitic laws. At this point, the government of Bulgaria heeded the predominant views of its people and did not enact the discriminatory measures against its small Jewish minority. Bulgaria is a wonderful case study of how the just views of a population can make a big difference in preventing government-mandated injustice and even genocide.

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July 23, Categories: Holocaust Bulgaria. State Department documents there are some four thousand documents totaling about thirty-seven thousand pages in the National Archives written by American diplomats that report in-depth the process and devastation of the Armenian Genocide. The genocide involved the systematic mass murder and ethnic cleansing of approximately 1. The extermination started on April 24, with the deportation and execution of a few hundred Armenian intellectuals from Constantinople.

It progressed to the forced conscription, imprisonment in labor camps and murder of able-bodied males. Soon thereafter, it led to the mass murder of women, the elderly and children, who were herded by Turkish military escorts for hundreds of miles across the Syrian desert, without sufficient food, water, medical care or sanitary facilities. The Turks butchered entire villages and communities mercilessly driven on these death marches.

Women and young girls were often subjected to rape and torture before being killed. Sometimes the victims were loaded on cattle trains for days, without any provisions, in a manner similar to the Nazi transportation of Jews to concentration camps almost three decades later. Like the Jews in many European countries, the Armenians were considered second-class citizens in the Ottoman Empire.

In the Eastern provinces, Armenian villages found themselves subject to higher taxation and often invaded by their Turkish and Kurdish neighbors. Moreover, like the Jews in the Pale of Settlement region, the Armenians fell victim to periodic pogroms. In both cases, world wars were used as an excuse—and incitement—for genocide. The Turkish leadership wanted the local Armenian population to act on their behalf, demanding their insurrection against the Russian Army.

He attempted to encircle and destroy the Russian army at Sarikamish in order to reclaim the Turkish territories occupied by the Russians since However, his plan failed and his troops were defeated. The Turks blamed their loss on the local Armenian population, viewing them as traitors who helped the Russians. Subsequently, able-bodied Armenian men living in the Ottoman Empire were discharged from active military service, disarmed, and sent to forced labor battalions, where many were executed by the Turks. The mass deportation—in grueling death marches—of the elderly, women and children soon followed.

Hundreds of thousands of Armenians died from starvation, disease, and mass shootings. To carry out the genocide, the Turks formed a paramilitary organization that has been compared by historians to the Nazi Einsatzgruppen. They killed countless helpless civilians, decimating their numbers through forced marches, shootings, mass burning, drowning and even poisoning. Like the Nazis, the Turks experimented with toxic gases and biological warfare by inoculating healthy Armenians with the blood of typhoid patients.

The film The Promise , directed by Terry George, captures the trauma of the Armenian genocide in an epic drama reminiscent of War and Peace. The movie traces a love triangle between Mikael, an Armenian medical student, and Ana, an Armenian tutor educated in France, who is in turn engaged to Chris, an American journalist covering the war for the Associated Press. A small town boy from a poor family, before meeting Ana, Mikael himself becomes engaged to a wealthier neighbor, whose family gives him a dowry gold coins to cover his expenses for medical school in Constantinople.

The young woman captivates him with her beauty, culture and sophistication. But the beginning of WWI nips their romance in the bud. Mikael is sent to a labor camp, from which he manages to escape. In one of the most harrowing scenes of the film, Mikael rides on top of a cattle train, hoping to elude the Turkish army and make it back to his native village to help his family. Suddenly it starts to rain. He hears strange sounds: terrible moaning and cries. Hands emerge between the grates of the train, trying in vain to cup the drops of water.

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To his shock, Mikael discovers that hundreds of Armenian civilians are trapped inside, dying of thirst and hunger. Before jumping off the train, the young man manages to pry open the lock to one of the doors and save the trapped prisoners. A few months later, his wife becomes pregnant and experiences health complications.

They are helping a group of orphans escape from the murderous Turkish troops.

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As Mikael joins them on the back roads to lead the orphans to a safer area, he watches helplessly as a group of Turkish soldiers carry off his own family and other inhabitants of his little village, Sirun. He runs to their aid but arrives too late: most of his family and neighbors lie murdered in a ditch.

Only his young niece and mother have barely survived, left for dead by the Turks. Armed with rudimentary tools and a lot of courage, the refugees fight valiantly and manage to hold off the Turkish onslaught until a French ship, le Guichen, comes to their rescue. As Mikael takes a lifeboat of orphans to safety, Ana drowns when her boat is capsized by the Turkish artillery. Despite their rivalry for her love, both Mikael and Chris mourn her death together. This tragedy resolves the tension of the love triangle that had divided them. The Promise follows in the footsteps of War and Peace in depicting war on an epic scale through the optic of a personalized family drama and love story.

While viewers seem to rate the film highly, its critical reception has been mixed. Rotten Tomatoes , the review aggregator website, reports that, so far, The Promise received an average rating of 5. I agree in part with both perspectives. Like Shakarian, I find The Promise to be a moving epic drama that tackles an important and often overlooked subject. At the same time, I feel that the film sometimes privileges the love triangle at the expense of offering viewers more necessary background about the Armenian genocide. But, as I previously indicated, the status of the Armenians living under Ottoman rule was similar to that of the Jews in many European countries: they were considered at best second-class citizens and at worst enemies to be wiped out in pogroms.

In both cases, the sociopolitical conditions were ripe for mass extermination. World wars were a catalyst for rather than the cause of genocide. June 27, Categories: The Promise. I have spent five years of my life, from December to January , reading about, researching and writing on the subject of psychopathy. To write my own books about psychopaths, the nonfiction Dangerous Liaisons and the novel The Seducer , I read hundreds of books on the subject: both specialized books by authorities in the field, such as Robert D.

I also regularly read blogs about pathological relationships, therapy advice columns and comments by victims. This blog, Psychopathy Awareness , contains articles that reflect these readings as well as my own processing of this information from a personal perspective, as a victim of a psychopath myself. After five years of intense focus on the subject of psychopathy and toxic relationships, however, I began to feel like I was digging myself into a hole.

By this I mean that psychopathy started to color my perspective of the world; it became a filter through which I read pathology in life. It also triggered painful memories and obsessive rumination about my past. It was as if I were seeing the world through a monochromatic optic, which was very dark. Perhaps worse than that, I felt that my thoughts became repetitive and my worldview became narrower.

go to site To write about psychopathy, I dug over and over into a well of painful memories that part of me wanted to forget. Because of this, aside from the occasional interviews I have posted here, I have taken a long, seven year, break from writing about psychopathy. I felt like I needed to shift focus to other subjects and to reboot aspects of my life that had been damaged by the toxic relationship.

This made me think about an issue that is relevant to many victims of psychopaths or of any PTSD or serious trauma in life, for that matter. My question was: Is focusing on that painful event or period of your life healthy or does it, at some point, become a form of endless and self-defeating rumination?