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Use Web Analytics Web analytics track the behavior of your site's visitors. What pages do they visit most? What are the popular paths through your Web site? On which pages do they leave? When customers visit your website, they want information and they want it now. If they can't find what they're looking for, they can get frustrated pretty quickly and leave, or worse--they could wind up looking to one of your competitors for what they need.

Site-surfing patterns will show you what pages to modify to better serve the interests of your potential customers. Web analytics solutions can also usually track search engine positioning, e-mail campaigns, banner ads and other promotional programs. Some solutions provide sales data in addition to visitor data.

This enables you to enhance ad campaigns and the corresponding site pages for maximum sales, not just traffic. How Secure is Your Wireless Network? The use of wireless networks within many organizations and businesses is becoming more and more widespread. This includes banks, manufacturing assembly lines, airports, restaurants and one-person home offices. What's not so widespread, however, is the employment of information security measures in these wireless applications and networks. Constant monitoring of access points is one of the best ways to keep a wireless network secure.

The most basic security measure you can take with your wireless devices is to immediately change their factory-set passwords and enable encryption keys commonly known as WEP so that data transmitted through the wireless network is more protected. Use a Firewall A firewall is a software application that controls access to your network at the "perimeter," i. This "controlled access" ensures that internet users only have access to particular services provided by your company's network web servers, e-mail servers, etc. Any attempts to access unauthorized information or services are blocked.

You can also use your firewall to block employees from accessing some outside information services, such as non-business-related websites or internet chat. Other common firewall add-ons include antivirus capabilities and privacy protection services to block proprietary information from leaving the building in any electronic form e-mail, file transfer, virus activity, etc.

For an added measure of protection, you can also add intrusion detection to your firewall. When a firewall allows internet users access to a company's website or other services, system vulnerabilities can also let in hackers. Intrusion detection systems can detect this type of activity and block the would-be hackers before they can do damage or steal vital company information.

Perform Security Audits Regularly Security audits are one of the best ways to identify security risks and validate the protection devices you've already put into place. Comprehensive audits should thoroughly test for vulnerabilities of all systems, correlate the findings, test exploits, identify the true level of risk to the business, and detail remediation requirements.

Such audits should be performed at least once per year against the internal environment and every six to 12 months against the external environment. This frequency is a suggested minimum, and many companies rightfully prefer to test certain aspects of a full audit more frequently.

Unless the knowledge, experience and manpower to perform such audits exists in-house, you'll need to consult an outside IT security expert. Establish and Enforce a Security Policy Security policies provide a roadmap for both IT and non-IT personnel on how your company expects your employees to conduct themselves with any matter that affects the security of the business.

In many cases, actions have an obvious impact, such as the disclosure of passwords to unauthorized personnel. But other potentially dangerous actions may be less obvious, which is why it's necessary to outline these risks and your security policies for all employees.

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Other security measures you can undertake include swipe cards, changing passwords often, and restricting sensitive areas. A professional consulting firm specializing in security policy development can save time and money and ensure an up-to-date policy. The Enemy Within Companies usually try to patch every loophole and make every system impenetrable.

But guess who knows more about these loopholes and ports of penetration than anyone? Your current and former employees. Disgruntled employees, former employees especially those who've been fired , and even external service providers--anyone with "insider information"--are the most likely culprits of a security breach. It's for that very reason that four out of five IT-related crimes are committed from within an organization. Consider running background checks on employees as part of your hiring process, and change passwords after employees leave the company. Maintaining Your PC Think before you install.

So many times someone's computer isn't working properly only to discover they've downloaded several programs from the internet or from a CD of a friend. Installing software on your computer will take up space on your hard drive , which will eventually slow your computer down. These random programs could also be an open door for viruses and cause other programs to crash. So install as few programs as possible on your computer. If you can, use a second computer to "play with" and test programs you're thinking of using company-wide. Install the right software. Ensuring your computer is protected from digital vandals is critical if you want to keep information safe.

It's therefore important that you install both an antivirus program and a firewall software program. These two critical pieces of software, which you should update on a regular basis, will serve as a wall of protection for your computer. Update your operating system. Microsoft Windows is the software you're most likely using to power your computer programs and control how your computer operates. It's critical that you update Microsoft Windows on a regular basis by going to the "Windows Update" website www. Dump what you don't need. Every few months you should regularly inventory your computer to find and delete the programs you don't really need.

Defragment your hard drive. Your hard drive is one of the hardest-working parts of your computer-you're using it all the time, every day whether you realize it or not to access the programs you use and store the files you create. But the hard drive doesn't save the files in any particular order; instead, it uses the first empty space it encounters space that's created when you delete files. So the pieces of data become scattered around the hard drive, making it slower for you to access the data stored there. That's why it's critical to defrag your hard drive on a regular basis to keep things running as quickly as possible.

Do it monthly if you're a "light" computer user and weekly if you're a power user. Keep things clean. In some offices, people have paper and stickies all over their computers, covering up the air vents. To help ensure your computer runs smoothly, don't cover the air vents-you need to keep the internal components as cool as possible.

You should also vacuum your computer every few months to clean out the dust that accumulates. Security is important. When things do go wrong, you want to be prepared. Therefore, it's important to always backup your important data. Whatever method you choose, make sure to back it up on a regular basis so that if your computer crashes, you can easily recover your important data. Smart Tips for Buying Software Consider CRM A customer relationship management CRM solution can help you streamline customer service, simplify sales and marketing efforts, find new customers and generate more revenue from existing customers.

You can record customer interactions with sales and customer service personnel and keep a centralized database with current customer information that everyone in your company can access. The Business Software Alliance BSA is a trade association made up of leading software makers whose job it is to make sure that businesses aren't using pirated versions of their software. If you think making illegal copies of software instead of buying it is cheaper, it's not. You're better off buying it in the first place. What to do? Spend a lot of time making sure every program in your company is legal.

Yes, it's expensive and hard to keep employees in line, but you don't want to get a visit from the BSA. Take a Test Drive Try it before you buy it. Check out software company websites for downloadable demos that can help you better gauge how easy their products are to use. If a demo version isn't available, there's usually a detailed online tour that gives you a lot more information than a paper brochure.

And before you buy the package outright, check with the software company to see if it's bundled with other software or equipment that you might be in the market to buy anyway. If you're shopping for a new accounting package or other critical software, consider doing a "scripted demo," where you enter your data and run through test scenarios specific to your business's transactions.

It may be time-consuming, but if you buy the wrong software, it will be more costly later. Evaluating Your Software Needs Before you rush off to buy software, keep in mind that you have several factors to consider other than just the capabilities and costs of the software. Your selections should be based on your company's size, industry, internal organization, computing environment, technical expertise and, of course, the ever-important user interface. Even a great product can end up being a nuisance if it's not intuitive to you as a user.

Re-evaluate your company's staple software. For each program, draw up a wish list of features or enhancements that would make using the package easier. Often, the solution may be as simple as an upgrade to the latest version available. Consider hiring an IT professional to examine your system and business needs and tell you whether you even need to upgrade. Getting an expert opinion can be a money-saving move for small-business owners who would prefer to spend time keeping up on the latest developments in their industries than on the latest in software.

Accepting Online Payments Choosing a Shopping Cart Program Even if you've got the best-looking site selling the best product at the best prices, you'll lose customers if your shopping cart system is difficult to use. It's important to make the right choice early on, but first ask yourself if you actually need a shopping cart.

If your site sells just one or two products, you can probably just set up an online order form for those products, rather than needlessly complicating your life managing a shopping cart program. If you do need a shopping cart, look into an ASP. This means that the service is hosted and maintained by a third party. They're easy to set up on your site and you don't need advanced programming skills to get them to work. Most ASPs also offer package deals that include a merchant account and payment gateway so you won't have to go through the hassle of trying to get those things sorted out separately.

Though an ASP won't have a personalized look, when your company grows you can either buy software or hire a programmer to customize it for you. Credit Card Industry Terms to Know The following are terms you should familiarize yourself with as you shop for a card processor. Security and Fraud Prevention Process all credit card payments in real time using Secure Socket Layer SSL technology which encrypts all confidential information during the transmission and authorization of transactions.

This can be part of your shopping cart program, or you can purchase the technology separately from companies like VeriSign. Visa and MasterCard have basically imprinted three-digit codes on all their cards to help determine whether a genuine card is being used in a transaction. These are especially helpful in online and phone orders since merchants don't have the card in front of them to run their magnetic strip through the system.

How to Accept Credit Cards The first step is to set up a merchant account with your existing bank. If your bank says no, try other local banks or companies like Cardservice International or VeriSign. Any vendor that sells you credit card processing should also provide a secure transaction environment as part of the package. If they don't, look elsewhere. Be sure to ask prospective processors about the costs of storefront solutions that you must have to effectively operate your website, such as shopping carts, web hosting, payment gateways, virtual terminals, virtual checks, databases for fulfilling orders, customer tracking, and a way to calculate tax and shipping charges.

Online Bargains Refurbished hardware can be a smart way to save money. Many online manufacturers and retailers have sections of their web sites devoted to clearance outlets. You may have to poke around the site to find them, but it's worth checking into when you're on a tight budget. Refurbished items are usually returns that have been looked over and checked for functionality. As with auctions, check to see if all documentation and software is included. Compare prices to what is normally charged to see if the savings is worthwhile. Often warranties are shortened. What might have originally come with a one-year warranty may only include a day warranty when it's sold as refurbished.

If you're comfortable with that, go ahead and save some money. Software Beware Used software can be tempting, but you should proceed with caution. Some software is not legally transferable to other computers. Watch out for bootlegs or pirated software and stay on guard for disreputable sellers. It's usually better in the long run to just purchase new copies. Sitting Pretty When it comes to buying used equipment, furniture is one of your safer bets. Chances are, you'll buy local and have the opportunity to examine the pieces before you pay up.

Used desks, dividers and file cabinets can help you furnish or expand your office at substantial savings. Use more caution when it comes to chairs. Your long-term comfort is more important than saving a few dollars. Some higher end ergonomic chairs come in different sizes, so be sure to get the one that fits. All About Warranties One of the biggest sacrifices you can make when buying used equipment is lack of a warranty.

That's not always the case, though. If there is still warranty time remaining, check to see if the warranty is transferable. Otherwise, you might want to think twice, particularly when it comes to business critical hardware. Laptops, for example, are more prone to problems than desktops and you might want at least a partial warranty in case anything goes wrong. For less critical items, like a mouse or keyboard, the savings may be worthwhile. Up for Bids Auction sites like eBay are popular hunting grounds for technology bargains.

The up side is that you can often find great deals on equipment. The down side is that you need to proceed with a healthy dose of buyer beware, especially when it comes to used equipment. Take a moment to look into the background of the seller. Do they have a lot of poor feedback or have their previous customers been happy? Is all documentation and software included? What is their return policy? Is shipping refundable? Be sure to calculate shipping costs before you bid.

Some sellers charge handling fees that can add up to more trouble than it's worth. Take Advantage of Hotspots The internet is your ticket for staying in touch. Whether you need to check email, check up on your web site or do some research, a Wi-Fi hotspot is the place to go. The easiest way to find a hotspot is to book your room at a Wi-Fi equipped hotel. Some hotels include it as a free service for guests.

Others charge a small fee. Before you hit the road, take a moment to find some hotspots at your destination. There are several hotspot conglomerators that let you access the internet through their nationwide networks for a daily or monthly fee. Just be sure to use a VPN if you need to protect your business data. You don't have to be traveling far from the office to take advantage of hotspots. Local cafes, coffeehouse or public buildings can be convenient stopovers when you're out at lunch or just need to step away from the desk for a while. Many PDAs these days come stocked with the kind of processing power and memory you would have seen in a full-fledged notebook a few years ago.

Throw in a smartphone features for making phone calls and accessing the web, or add in Wi-Fi, and you have a well-connected device that can easily tide you over until your get back to your desk. Choosing a Laptop The most powerful way to stay connected to your business while on the road is with a laptop. Two popular classes of laptops are desktop replacements and ultraportables. Which you choose depends on your needs. Desktop replacements pack all the punch of a regular desktop with large displays, plenty of processing power and useful extras like DVD-rewritable drives.

The downside is their hefty weight. If you place a premium on power or are looking to get rid of your desktop altogether, this is the way to go. Ultraportables are just like they sound: svelte, lightweight traveling machines. While they're easy on your shoulder, you often make sacrifices in peripherals, screen size and sometimes power.

Still, mobile warriors that are constantly running through airports may find the compromises very worthwhile. E-Mail Safety and Security Watch What You Write While you're formulating an e-mail security policy, give some thought to e-mail content. Unlike a phone conversation, e-mail doesn't just disappear into the ether after it's sent. A record remains--one that can come back to haunt your business. Discuss with your employees what is considered appropriate content. You may want to minimize personal use of business e-mail.

Even sending seemingly innocuous jokes around the office can be risky. Tie e-mail usage in with your sexual harassment policy. Make sure that the e-mail usage guidelines are clear for your employees. Educating Your Employees One of the best ways to ward off e-mail security issues is to educate your employees. Have an e-mail security policy and make sure they are familiar with it and adhere to it. Some spam will inevitably get through. The best ways to keep the problem from increasing is to simply not reply and not click on any links it contains.

Just delete the messages. Also, make sure employees aren't giving out their e-mail addresses online. For example, if they post to message boards or blogs, they shouldn't leave their e-mail addresses out for spammers to harvest. Keep them up to date on new threats like phishing attacks. A proactive policy for e-mail security is better than dealing with breaches later.

Don't Get Hooked Phishing isn't a strictly business-related problem, but it can have serious consequences for unsuspecting entrepreneurs. Phishing is when a deceptive e-mail arrives that often asks you to visit a web site and verify personal information like pin numbers, usernames, passwords or account numbers.

Some phishing attacks are blatantly obvious and loaded with misspellings and bad grammar. Some are very sophisticated and look like they could be a real communication from a credit card company, bank or online auction site. What's the best way to deal with it? Delete it. Any e-mail that asks for personal information to be given out through the web or through a form embedded in the e-mail is likely a phishing attack.

If you're still not convinced, take a moment to check in with the company that supposedly sent it. A few minutes can save you a lot of grief. Fighting Spam Spam is more than just a nuisance; it's a drain on your time and resources. It's impossible to avoid, so you have to deal with it. If you don't have spam protection through your email service provider, put anti-spam software on your shopping list right after anti-virus.

Some vendors bundle it all together in a security suite package. Keeping Viruses Away When it comes to email security, anti-virus software is one of the first items that come to mind. Whether you purchase an off-the-shelf software package or choose to go with an online service solution, it's a must-have. Users of some free services, like Hotmail, may already have this area covered. Check to see what your email provider has to say about it. You'll want to make sure all your employees' desktops and laptops are protected. The cost of anti-virus is minimal compared to the potential damage a virus or worm outbreak could cause your business.

They can not only get at your computer systems, but also send emails out to your address book. That's not something your customers will want to receive. Here are a couple of tips for keeping an eye on your anti-virus measures. Double check that you're getting the latest virus updates. Most programs will update themselves automatically, but it doesn't hurt to do a manual update on occasion to make sure the process is working.

Also, when your software subscription time period is up, be sure to renew. Don't let it lapse. Buying for Your Homebased Office Shopping Online Bargain hunting over the Internet doesn't have to be time-consuming. Web sites such as PriceGrabber. They're especially handy if you already know what you want and are just looking for the lowest price. Don't be blinded by what seem to be incredible bargains. Always check into an online retailer's reputation if you're not already familiar with it. You probably know this already, but always use a credit card for your purchases in case you have to dispute charges later.

Another great resource for home office hardware is eBay. You can pick up a wide array of products-from extra cell phone batteries to monitors and ink cartridges-at prices that would make some retailers blush. But eBay is no utopia. You still have to check into the seller's reputation. Also check to see if the product you're buying is refurbished, if it comes with an original warranty or tech support, and if all documentation and pieces are included.

Some entrepreneurs may decide that the savings are worth living without some or all of those things. It's not good or bad, it's just a matter of deciding what you feel comfortable with. Brick-and-Mortar Buying If you're the type of person who likes to "handle the merchandise" before you buy, find a local retailer you can visit in person.

Prices may be a little higher when you just walk into a store, but you also have the security of having a physical location to return the product to in case of a problem. The Sunday ads are a good place to compare prices, and you should keep an eye out for specials and rebates at your local stores.

You can also take advantage of price-matching policies or even visit warehouse-style retailers like Costco or Sam's Club to look for business equipment savings. Get Connected If you have a website and plan on hosting your site with your Internet provider, and if you'll need more bandwidth and e-mail addresses than what a standard consumer Internet account offers, you need to look into business services. Your options for Internet connections from home are satellite, DSL and cable, which are available in a variety of downstream and upstream speeds ranging from Kbps to 2Mbps.

If you travel quite a bit, you may want to look into some of the wireless Internet connection options, which provide an Internet connection wherever you go. Loving the Laptop Just because you have a desk doesn't mean you must have a desktop computer. A pricier but more flexible laptop may be the ticket. If you'll be doing a lot of business traveling or will need to take your computing power with you on sales calls, then a laptop is something to consider.

They're also nice for getting out of your office for a while, even if it's just to sit on the back porch. And if you decide a laptop's the way to go, you might want to consider purchasing a monitor to view your laptop through when you're at your desk to save on eye strain. There are tons of schools, community groups, senior homes and other needy institutions that would be happy to take them off your hands.

Unfortunately, donation is another of the more costly disposal options. And the legal exposure is real. You could get sued for donating a defective or virus-infected computer, or you may be asked to defend the tax deduction. Share the Technology outlines some of the pitfalls for givers and receivers on its site. On the upside, the infrastructure for charitable donations is well-advanced, making this option less time-consuming. Regardless of the option you choose, you can click on over to eBay's Rethink Initiative to explore your options.

Remember, costs vary among disposal options and you'll still need to scrub the machines of company information. The good news is, the PC is gone. But in both cases, you have to sell the PC before its value reaches zero. And those three years for a mid-range PC and four years for a high-end box go by quickly. Of course, brands vary. What Will It Cost? In general, a lot of PC disposal costs are realized in soft dollars, and a certain amount of those are fixed. First, there's the labor involved in physically removing a system and its network components, disconnecting peripherals and scrubbing the hard drive of software, passwords and sensitive company files.

Then there's the downtime for employees during the move. After that, your costs will vary depending on how you choose to dispose of the old PC and may include payment for things like testing and repair or, in many cases, contractual or other legal costs. Why the Dump Isn't the Answer According to Gartner Research, more than million computers will be replaced by individuals and businesses from to But according to ACNielsen International Research, only 15 percent of those polled realized they could recycle electronics in their local area.

For a complete list, see the SVTC website. All those chemicals have incredibly long half-lives. How to get the attention of anyone using humor and creativity with Jon Buchan. Jon once wrote a cold email when he was drunk that changed his life, leading to meetings with some of the world's largest brands. The right words and the right order to the right people can take you almost anywhere in life. Write to the person behind that.

Pat is a father, husband, and entrepreneur who lives and works in San Diego, CA. He owns several successful online businesses and is a professional blogger, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and host of the Smart Passive Income and AskPat podcasts, which have earned a combined total of over 50 million downloads, multiple awards, and features in publications such as The New York Times and Forbes. He is also an advisor for LeadPages, ConvertKit, and other companies in the digital market He is the author of 6 best-selling books, including Talk Triggers.

He is also the founder of 5 multi-million dollar companies, and a Hall of Fame speaker. We are physiologically wired to ignore things that are average and discuss things that are different. When you offer experiences to your customers that are too grand, Sterling is the VP of Marketing at Divvy.

Prior to Divvy, he worked at Jive. Why businesses are closing their doors? Sign up for a fr The biggest mistake people make is that they look up to interviewers they admire, they look up to their styles and they copy that. They are focusing on what those styles are, not why those sty Maximiliano was raised in Paraguay, swam all his life. He came to the US on an athletic scholarship. When you focus on making more money, another thing you must focus on is investing in yourself. Action trumps knowledge. Most businesses or startups fail because they start focusing on growing right away.

Focus on being better, not bigger. Anthony is a biohacker specializing in anti-aging and human optimization. The strongest steels are forged in the hottest fires. The greatest addition in nutrition comes from subtraction. Free Book from Anthony! Only copies avail He graduated from Albany Law School and began his career in high-stakes corporate litigation. As a real estate investor and asset protection attorney, he has spent the last 8 years of his career working with thousands of clients all over the US and Canada to protect and grow their hard-earned assets.

People can sue you for as much as they want. If you own a property in your own name, t Through an obsession to learn the intricacies of social media marketing, Manuel has built his own businesses, helped other scale theirs, and has a hugely successful course on Facebook marketing. Sometimes, the content - the information that each one of us has in our minds - is so valuable to most people out there. You just have to structure it. You have to work on understanding who your audience is, positioning a message over and over in front of them, and getting that message acros Prior to ZipRecruiter, he played an executive role at multiple early-stage to mid-size startups in the Los Angeles area, including CitySearch, Stamps.

When he isn't creating the product roadmap and speaking on behalf of ZipRecruiter, he is with his wife and kids at the beach or playing his favorite sport: soccer. Cole is the founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter, an entrepreneur, investor, and an award-winning speaker. His vision behind creating Thrive: Make Money Matter is to change the way businesses are run forever, creating a new breed of For-Purpose Entrepreneurs directing profitable businesses that focus on a local or global initiative. Understand that sales is all about psychology 3. You need to build ra You have to know the core of who your perfect consumer is for your content.

The next biggest step is you have to engage with those first few followers, fans, listeners, or view Jean is a 1 best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, digital marketing expert with more than 10 years of industry expertise helping companies scale revenue, optimize sales and marketing processes and improve productivity.

Her clients range from brand name Fortune companies to innovative start-ups.

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Creating content addresses the pain poin His renowned C. Compare and Despair. End of story He's a serial Entrepreneur, philanthropist and best-selling author! The Shotgun technique: Create as many ads as you can with as many different creatives and as many different copy types, and; then test to as many diff Income Report for July of ! Rand is the Founder of SparkToro and Moz, author of Lost and Founder, loves whisky, travel, and helping people do better marketing. It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.

You can get some folks who are very talented at what they do and they'll be a very poor fit for the company. A good decision now is better than a great decision later. Having a trial period is key. Skills can be taug Joel is my friend Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Trust the process and allow serendipity to happen. Opportunities are abundant. When you are too close to what you do, it's hard to figure out what your super powers is. People go more for qu Jon has built four of the world's most popular blogs without being able to move from the neck down.

Rejection doesn't mean you're wrong - it means that you're learning and it's part of the process. Work towards something that doesn't just end if you decide to take some time off. Working hard today creates something that will work hard for you tomorrow. Knowing your target community, market, or audience is very important in every business so you can provide what they exactly need. Video testimonials are very valuable becaus Keynote speaker and business coach, Jeffrey teaches entrepreneurs how to attract their ideal customers by speaking their Secret Language.

Compare and despair. Whenever you compare yourselves to anybody or anything, you've got despair on some level. You should compare yourself to one person: YOU, yesterday.

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Spinning your wheels much? Some days it's all I feel like I do Going a million miles an hour in the wrong direction will Income Report for June ! Travel, travel, and more travel! People put barriers up and they come up wi Build connections with your target audience by understanding deeply what they really need. The best content is content that provides the solution to your target audiences' p He loves sharing his scaling strategies with passionate entrepreneurs. Visit WatchBillysVideo. It's important to have 1-on-1 conversations with your listeners. Be a part of virtual summits and think about how you can repurpose them for your podcast.

Audio only inte Allison is an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for film, fitness and food. Her endeavors include podcast-hosting, filmmaking and motivational speaking. Food does heal. You just have to be intentional and focused on the stuff that you put into People want a custom experience that fits them.

Understand your audiences' questions or problems and provide the solutions. Your audience is your community. Sponsors: Bil An examination of how we launch. The successful grand opening is rare. But we keep trying. We make it dumber, louder, more predictable, sacrificing nuance in exchange for a chance at mass Those that obviously seek status, and those that pretend that they don't notice it or care Creating your own H. Squad - The human sales funnel with Steven Eugene. What could be more interesting than a decorated combat veteran who turns failing businesses into success across Europe and the USA, and has been hand-picked to consult some of the most influential people in the world?

Someone who has been a bodyguard for rockstars, run international organizations for celebrities, managed musicians, and sports personalities and politicians. Meet Steven Eugene Kuhn. Start living your life by honesty, integrity, and transparency. Your authenticity dict Income Report for May ! Rebecca has a well-rounded business background and over twenty years of experience in sales and online marketing. She loves to teach the latest SEO strategies and help businesses grow their online footprint.

SEO allows you control the journey of your on Create something that your audience will look forward to having. Move your business to another locatio Use the resources available to your advantage! Start using video as your main If you see something worth trying, take action!

Fabienne Fredrickson is the founder of Boldheart and Boldheart. Originally celebrated for the creation of The Client Attraction System, Fabienne's company has repeatedly been ranked by Inc. She is the author of the upcoming book, The Leverage Mindset: How overwhelmed 6-figure business owners reach 7 figures and gain their life back. For 15 years Greg has been building and scaling online businesses. Today as Co-founder and CEO of the software company Thinkific, he's helping thousands of entrepreneurs create their own courses and membership sites to grow their business and transform the lives of millions of students.

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Entrepreneurs might not realize it, but traditional management is more valuable than they think it is. Always listen to what your customers are saying. James is an international bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and film producer. His latest book, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy, has just been released as a modern companion to the bestselling self-help book of all time. Any excuse you have to not achieve what you want in life is invalid. Taking action every single day is what Find something in exercise and nutrition that you can do for the long-run.

Your fitness journey is a marathon, not No matter what your business is, employee disengagement is a problem. You have to keep on going no matter what. Defining your audience is key. Sometimes you have to take a step back to be able to move forward. List out what hinders you from success and work around that. Change your thoughts and mindset so you can change your future. Ulyses is the founder of Influencer Press, a PR firm that gets influencers on major publications like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and more.

Own up to your mistakes. Your daily routine is what determines your future success. Mary Shores spends her career as an internationally known author, speaker, and entrepreneur, generating positive and pragmatic solutions for people who are freaking out. There will always be things that will set you back from your goal, and you have to pick yourself up and move forward every time.

Use your gifts and apply them to the work that you do. Words are powerful — use them to uplift and direct yourself to How businesses win in the new economy with Robert James Collier. Robert James is the founder of Entrepreneurs Dinner - an intimate, invite-only event that brings together ambitious entrepreneurs to make genuine connections to grow your business over a delicious four-course meal.

Intimacy simply means seeing into me and gaining customer loyalty requires a brand to be intimate with their audience. Think about the worst that could happen and build your plans from there. Look to connect with others without the intention of selling or gaining somet Disrupting sports sponsorship from the outside with Ishveen Anand.

She was named on the Forbes 30under30 list and is an expert on sports sponsorship. Sponsorship is a way to define a brand. Take time to hire the right people on your team. Akbar has gone from homeless to helping create several seven figure funnels. He specializes in Psychology of sales and has been helping scale businesses from all around the world.

Make your funnels simple and have an impactful message. Your daily actions will determine your success. Feed your brain what you want to become. Live each day intentionally. Layla is a sex expert who studied sexuality at Stanford and Tantra in Asia. Through her YouTube channel, newsletters and programs, she motivates millions to experience epic sexual pleasure.

Sexuality goes way beyond our experience of pleasure. Side hustles are just to help you get through your expenses, but they help you grow as well. Follow your inner self of yes. How asking one simple question led to a multi-million dollar company with Abby Walker. Abby is the CEO of Vivian Lou, a company that empowers women to wear high heels 4x longer without pain, and the author of Strap on a Pair — a raw and humorous memoir that documents her journey from corporate executive to successful entrepreneur.

Welcome failure in your life and use it to move forward. Stop undervaluing your product or service. Define your unique purpose, pursue a fulfilling life and build a legacy with Chelann Gienger. You will never grow in your comfort zone — get out and get scared. Big decisions and actions happen when you take ownership.

And Go To Webinar has the re Go from scared to rich: transform your money mindset with Emily Williams. Start asking your audience and clients for their feedback about you and your services. Learn to celebrate your wins, even the small ones. Proactivity is key in time management. Never assume there is a market for you — test your ideas! Arthur is known for his Communication Mastery. Almost every top speaker, actor, broadcaster, CEO, and celebrity personality, no matter how popular and successful, does not know how to breathe properly unless they've trained with him. Be the best version of who you can be every time.

Breath is not just a physical thing, but an emotional one as well. Be comfortable in everything that you are — you are you. Get rid of your hero complex and empower your team. Don't get intimidated by things you haven't tried yourself. Promote your business with great entertainment with Tony Moze. Tony is an entrepreneur; educator and entertainer. You can check him out at: Youtube. Focus on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. Find your WHY's — make them stronger than your endeavors. With Chris Dayley. Chris started his Conversion Optimization agency Dayley Conversion in , which he later merged with Disruptive Advertising, where he currently works as VP of site testing and optimization.

You always need to be testing. Constantly build opportunities and fill up your pipeline. Know your priorities. And Go To Webinar has the reliability and the feat He is known as one of the top Facebook advertising experts online today. Be an expert in the easier category first and work your way up. Educate your clients to up-sell so they can make the most out of their leads.

As a founding member of the billion dollar company, Quest Nutrition, Lisa built their revolutionary in-house media team. She is now the co-founder and President of Impact Theory. Never let your worst moment be the end of your story. Ed is a speaker, 5-time 1 best selling author and decorated F pilot. Stop hesitating to take the first step — speed wins every time. Move in the right direction, and pivot if you have to in order to reach your goal.

Be your authentic self. Growth phase companies using social video to drive millions in sales with Travis Chambers. Utilize Facebook Groups to keep yourself up-to-date. Marisa is the founder of Live Your Message, where she turns entrepreneurs into online superheroes so they can change the world from their living room.

Stop thinking about how to get more leads; instead, focus on the customers you already have and turn them into raving fans. Take challenges — get out of your comfort zone and do more. You can strategically and systematically position yourself as an authority to gain advantage over your competition. Learn to use incentives to get your customers to pay you in advance. Take the opportunity to talk and have conversations with people around you. How to turn your biggest struggle into a thriving business, with Abigail Hopkins. Abigail has helped tens of thousands of people from around the world discover how meal planning can positively transform not just their health, but their entire lives.

Take eating healthy as it is — eat real food, drink water, and exercise. Learn from negative feedback but do not internaliz For more information, visit Venetian. Pitney Bowes: Print postage right from your office and take adv How to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from seminars and webinars with Simone Vincenzi. Simone helps speakers and coaches to create events and webinars that sell like crazy without selling like scum. Visit LegalZoom. Pitney Bowes: Print postage right Halelly is a leadership development strategist at TalentGrow. She develops leaders for enterprises experiencing explosive growth.

She is a book author, blogger, and host of the TalentGrow Show podcast. David is an author, speaker, and advisor to entrepreneurial creatives worldwide. His work has been discussed in dozens of international publications. Venetian Hotel: Nex Embracing real life challenges to become your best self and live an authentic life with Russ Perry.

Impacting Millions with Selena Soo. Selena is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts and authors who want to reach millions with their message. Benjamin is a top writer on Medium. He gained over , email subscribers in 2 and a half years. His first book, Willpower Doesn't Work, comes out March 6, Your choices shape your personality. Put yourself in situations that will mold you to be the person you want to be.

11 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn't Sell

Moonshots: Solving global challenges with innovation and entrepreneurship with Naveen Jain. The advancement in technology enables individuals to start things they want without the need for huge amounts of money. Think about how you can be the person to make a change in this world. The gut is the key to your health. Screwing stagnation and status quo for the ambitious with Kelsey Ramsden.

Globally recognized, award winning serial entrepreneur, author and advisor, Kelsey builds multimillion dollar businesses and helps others do the same. She is a Status quo smasher, E3 master, cancer survivor and mom of 3. Bring your mind to the present so you can think clearly about the situation or problem.

The Robin Hood of hiring, Brad, spent a decade helping Fortune companies find talent. Now he helps small businesses attract, hire, and retain their teams. Make a statement in your job ad that communicates why people would want to work with you. Seek experts for their feedback and learn to trust that feedback. Be more of yourself — you are unique. Davinci: Offers incredibly affordable meeting rooms in w Her productivity hacks have been featured in Forbes and Inc. Pick the single-most important task and complete that first. Working IN your business makes you Revelations of depression with Brian Copeland.

Brian is a comic, actor, playwright, author, entrepreneur and tv and radio talk show host with KGO in San Francisco. He is the president of Carolena Productions, which produces socially relevant entertainment for tv, radio, stage and print. Look at the successful people around you and learn from their failures and successes.

Treat business as it is — always have contracts. This helps them build an online following of thousands of raving fans. In content, quality wins over quantity. Always test your ideas first before going all-in. Go the extra mile and always do your best in everything. Be the solution to the problem you have. Learn to commit to the process of success, not focusing on the outcome. He founded Livetraders. Never trade while drinking. Be a person of integrity. Jim is the leader in subconscious selling, influence and performance. Your decisions are subconsciously made.

A change in your life means there needs to be a change in your behavior. Devona is an entrepreneur, artist, best-selling author, international speaker, and branding expert. Branding starts with a vision and a strategy. Focus on the thing that you want to be known for. Jordan is known as America's Money Answers Man because he has been answering Americans' questions about personal finance topics for over 35 years.

Use your content and repurpose it across different channels. The Rise of the Youpreneur with Chris Ducker. Originally from the UK, he has lived in the Philippines for years, where he hosts the annual Tropical Think Tank mastermind event and has founded several businesses, which combined house over full-time employees. He is also a popular business blogger and podcaster at ChrisDucker. Have self-awareness, be a Consistency wins on so many levels. Set up your procedures and get systems in place right at the start of your business.

Niche down and do what you really love doing. How to win the talent war, with Ryan Carson. Ryan is the Founder of Treehouse, an online technology school with over 80, enrolled students. He's passionate about creating the future of education, to change as many lives as possible. Sales is something you can learn.

Your ads should be interesting and compelling — not boring! Ian is an on-camera confidence coach who trains entrepreneurs to hack their emotions so they can destroy a lifetime of camera shyness to become naturally comfortable on-camera in just minutes. Learn to understand your emotions. Building a business requires time and effort. Have conversations and engage with your clients. Based in Los Angeles, she oversees the IQ Agency, a campus marketing agency helping brands connect with ambitious young people. Making eye contact in connecting with people is tantamount. Use rejections as your motivation to be better and move forward.

Kevin is the 2CommaClub winner in 87 Days. Having a job is NOT the only way people can earn. Learn to utilize Amazon for your business. Sponsor: Pitney Bowes: The leader in mailing and shipping solutions. No matter what you send, or how often you send it, Pitney Bowes has a solution to fits your needs. Visit PB. Willing Ideas into Existence with Greg Centineo. Greg is the man CEO's call upon to turn great ideas into reality through thoughtful team leadership and the ability to attract large numbers of people to a common goal. Practice thoughtful team building.

Find out your uniqueness and embrace it. Live a life that you design, rather than a life your business dictates for you with Daven Michaels. He has 3 centers and over employees. Leverage is what takes a company to higher scales. You've seen him on TV, now we get to chat with him live! Rowing nm for Pencils of Promise - the NautiBuoys. Fitness, food, fortitude Meet the NautiBuoys, based in Europe, but raising money for a global cause. Learn to consider the other people on your team and their needs. Kathy works with small businesses to hire right the first time and build accountable teams.

Ultimately, her clients make the leap out of day-to-day into a much bigger playing field. When hiring for your team, be clear and ask the right questions. Learn to trust what you know. Reinforce your strategy with daily habits. Be intentional in communicating. Never stop learning. Adam is a best-selling author, CEO, attorney, international speaker, entrepreneur and business leader who inspires, empowers and guides people to achieve massive and lasting personal and professional growth.

Always follow your heart. Include your personal goals in your annual goal-setting and achieve more for yourself and your business. Find out how you can connect and align yourself with your business. Have open communication with your Joe is a consultant for private practice owners. His podcast, The Practice of the Practice Podcast, gives innovative ideas to start, grow, and scale a practice.

Delegate the small things and take on that CEO mindset to scale your business. Start layering productivity to accomplish more things. Jim is an accidental sales and copywriting coach who helps people increase sales by creating better sales copy no matter what you sell and even if you hate selling Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Every business is a sales business. Do your research before going all in. A member of the Forbes Coaches Council, She is an international speaker and regular contributor to various publications.

How you show up to people every day is one thing that affects your brand loyalty. Always be selective about the people you let into your life and business. Put competition aside and be open to possible collaborations with the people in your industry. Ross is a master change worker, speaker, and teacher of persuasion. For the past 30 years he's taught the power of conversation to heal, influence, convert and sell.

The one thing you have to figure out is how to get your clients to focus on you. Always do a background check before getting into partnerships and never assume that anything is yours until you validate the assumption. Be the person who gives the best diagnosis to your clients. Courtney is an Award Winning Business Owner. Her unique approach to staying top of mind has afforded her the opportunity to work with top names in the industry. Start showing gratitude by sending out personalized cards and thank-you notes. Let people know about your problems, they might have valuable feedback for you.

Make the time and the effort to say thanks and build better relationships. A real world approach to unraveling anger and resentment to ignite your business with Lauren Herrera.

Top 5 Books to Read as an Entrepreneur

Lauren is the host of Love is a Verb podcast where she teaches women how to change the thoughts that change the habits that change the results. Your unconscious plays a role in your everyday life — learn how to involve it. Make impacting people part of your goals. Love and heal yourself first. Memoir shares the audio biographies of the men and women who changed the world. Each episode will feature one person who impacted the world we live in today.

Visit Memoir. Sniper turned author and entrepreneur with Ryan Cleckner. Ryan is a former special operations sniper and sniper instructor, firearms industry executive and attorney, and best-selling author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook.

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Stop hunting customers — create them! Look inside and figure out what is most important to you and base your decisions on that. The biggest gains in SEO are in fixing technical site issues. Know what your knowledge gaps are; study the ones you want, and delegate the others. Figure out what makes you curious and use that path to build a business. To receive your free Building resilience in your entrepreneurial journey with Rahama Wright.

Rahama is a former Peace Corps volunteer and created SheaYeleen. She's secured VC funding, traveled to 36 countries, and served as a Presidential appointee. The entrepreneurial journey requires resilience. Things that happen to you are not meant to break you, rather, they are meant to make you stronger. How to achieve explosive growth in sales all with integrity with Ian Altman. Focus on the results your business gives rather than business as a resource.

Own up for difficult situations even if they are not your fault. Deacon is the Founder of Wellkeptwallet. Describe what financial independence is for you, and start your plan with that. Put everything on paper and track your cash flow. Michael is 26 years old from Pittsburgh he studied Civil Engineering. He quit his job and got into entrepreneurship and investing. He spent over a year in Miami Investing in Real Estate, then moved back home to start his own company called Millennial Entrepreneur Group.

There will be a lot of difficulties and trials in starting a business; what matters is how you get through them. Going through tough times makes you stron Be generous in giving away free content that is valuable to your audience. Marketing is king. Now, he helps other entrepreneurs organize their operational chaos. Prepare ahead and put your backups in place.

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Focus on the job that needs to be done. Maximize your business success by asking the right questions with Zac de Silva. Zac is an award-winning business coach to many leading entrepreneurs and thought-leaders and owns www. Ask questions until there are no more left to ask. Scaling is not always the answer—a business is about more than just making a profit.

Cashflow is the blood of the business. Great customer service is one thing that online courses require. Be on the lookout for the new things and trends that are coming. Doug possesses a lifetime of experiences as an investment banker, investor and entrepreneur that make him an authority on how you can create financial independence and accumulate real wealth. Build a business that will survive and thrive without you. The old economy is not outdated in terms of profitability; probability of business success is still high.

Overcoming adversity with continued growth with Justin Schenck. Justin Schenck hosts the growth now movement podcast and was named a Top podcaster to follow in by INC. He also owns a podcast production and coaching company. Focus on the value that you can give to people without expecting to get something in return. Make the right choices. Learn how getting products to celebrities can boost your sales with Sarah Shaw. Sarah is a serial entrepreneur and is the leading expert on successfully launching products — and getting them into the hands of A-list celebrities, and in the media.

Believe in yourself and follow your intuition. Be resourceful. And right now Gusto is offering Fire Nation an exclusive, limited-time deal. Known for her practical solutions to big problems, she authored two books on creating positive, high producing teams. Listen to what people around you are saying. Know and take care of yourself. Sterling is the founder of the Wealthy Coach Academy which is an online school helping online fitness coaches create six figure businesses in 90 days or less.

Never forget about your mission. Invest in yourself. Always be persistent. Make your idea a reality. When in doubt, go back to your basic principles. Everything comes in systems. From Impossible to i'Mpossible with Joshua Rivedal. Josh is the founder and creative director of The i'Mpossible Project, an organization that educates, entertains, and engages on social justice issues such as mental health, suicide, and diversity.

Learn to reframe your failure as the way to success. Sponsors: FreshBooks: FreshBooks helps you score How Attention Works with Oren Klaff. The bestseller Pitch Anything propelled Oren into national recognition, and he is approached by fans daily in the street, while driving to work or riding the elevator, adding to the tens of thousands of thank you, this stuff really works! He often keynotes Wall Street events, and recently replaced Richard Branson as the keynote event for Entrepreneur.

Make your impact in the first two minutes of every presentation. Elevating hot sauce to a new standard with Lawrence Wu. On July 31st, , Lawrence decided to quit his first job out of school to pursue a hot sauce and grocery industry that was ready for change.

Listen to those small, intimate details in conversations. When things go wrong, remember there will always be a time when it will go right. Jaymie is a Digital Marketing Strategist that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs generate more customers, leads, and sales using Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are NOT for all types of businesses. Always have a strategy first before diving into any ad campaign. Take risks in order to get OUT and be free. You are NOT the customer, so get feedback from others. Leave NO room for mis-interpretation. Join the 2m people who are already saving on international trans Beating billion dollar corporations plus recovering from a Shark Tank fail with Mark Aramli.

Finding freedom, flexibility and an incredible lifestyle thru franchising with Erik VanHorn. He uses semi-absentee franchise ownership to as the vehicle to this lifestyle. Look at things from different points of view. John is an entrepreneur working with companies to develop high performance teams that deliver extraordinary results. He helps companies attract, develop and retain incredible people increasing execution, effectiveness, and excellence!

Collect and write down your thoughts and use that to create a strategy. Life happens — remember that this too shall pass whatever it is. Gretchen is the author of several blockbuster bestsellers, like The Happiness Project, and co-hosts the awardwinning podcast Happier.

It explores a personality framework that can transform our lives. Embrace the fact that humans will never be perfect. Choose how you will spend your life. Happy New Year Fire Nation. How about you start by using The Freedom Journal to set and accomplish your 1 goal in days? Or gift it a loved one who you know would thank you forever! Daniel is a marketer, heart condition survivor, and published author. Be honest with the people you work with. Get your systems and processes in place in order to scale up. Design your perfect online business that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you deserve with Natalie Sisson.

Natalie is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs design a freedom business they love that supports their ideal lifestyle through her Freedom Plan, blog, podcast and bestselling Suitcase Entrepreneur book. Get clear on what you want from life. The ups and the downs are what will help you grow. Aaron is one of the world's top digital marketers according to Forbes, a regular international speaker, co-founder of Louder. Online, a global marketing agency who has worked with some of the largest companies in the world to drive traffic, leads and sales.

In marketing, focus on traffic, leads, and sales. Your data is valuable. The Game of Life - Marcus Boles. Act upon your passion and purpose. Believe that your words will come true. Be persistent and consistent in your pursuits. Sean is the CEO of Rype, one of the world's leading platform for language lessons online connecting you with handpicked professional teachers. He's also a Columnist on Inc. Make the best of whatever life throws your way. A small shift can be a total game changer for your business. Embrace the struggle as opposed to resisting it.

Sponsors: Health IQ - A life insurance agency that uses science John is a pioneer of online life coaching whose divorce led to his re-birth as an unconventional therapist. Never exchange your truth for anything. Know your value and worth. If you can add or give any value to people, do it. It tastes Build a six to seven figure automated Air BnB business using other people's property with Brian Page. He is an international speaker, online marketer and business coach with an extensive background in both real estate and building automated businesses.

Resilience is what will lead you to success. Surround yourself with successful people. Raise your standards, and you raise your life. Learn how to push your life to the limits and maximize your potential with John Sonmez. John teaches software developers how to be cool. He's a personal development coach, dedicated to helping professionals live better, more fulfilled lives and reach their maximum potential. Decide for your life NOW.