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Defeat the Human Bomb Ep. The Mysterious Skull Mansion Ep. The Eye in the Mirror Ep. A Demonic Cemetery Ep. Attack According to the Secret Plan Ep. Sun Halo Mask vs. Akarenger Ep. Nightmares of Atlantis Ep.

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The End of the Mysterious Airship Ep. Strong Midomerang, Big Counterattack Ep. Lamprey Torpedo Attack Ep. The Dreadful Poison Expert Ep. Gorenger Base S. Infiltrate the Underground Base Ep. The Mysterious Seal Train Ep. Enrage, Five Stars of Justice Ep. No Response from Variblune Ep. A Fake Gorenger Appears Ep. Condoler War Bomber Fleet Ep. The Superpower of the Mysterious Meteorite Ep. The Momorenger From Hell Ep.

The Battle of Tottori Dune Ep. Farewell, Variblune Ep. Enter, the Invincible Varidreen Ep. Varitank Launches Ep. Attack of the Marine Hitman Ep. Locomotive Mask's Big Rampage Ep. Angry Gorenger Ep. Close Call at the Theme Park Ep. The Swirling Trick Play Ep. Dangerous Varidreen Ep. The Sunset Gunman Ep. The Murderous Dial Ep. The Deadly Number 1 Ep. Tuthankamen's Curse Ep.

Five-Faced Peggy Ep. The End-Ball Match Ep. I'll come again. Julie will be happy as well, after all. Part 6 Grinding sound rings out through the cold hallway. It's the sound of my prosthetic arm. Whilst walking, I'm adjusting the amount of mana I put into it to see how much would be best. Each time I clench and unclench it, my prosthetic arm makes a grinding sound. It seems that as expected of a prototype model, there isn't a way to keep it quiet.

It's the result of Zanoba's research. For it to move so precisely. If I can move this easily, then it seems I'll manage even without your assistance, Roxy. That's, true. I didn't really consider you, Rudi. Even though it'd be hard for you when I'm not around, I went and became a teacher It's obvious that what Roxy wants to do comes first. Since it seems that she wants to help me out in place of my arm, I didn't say anything, but there are a lot of people around me who are willing to help me when I'm troubled after all.

That you've gotten a left hand. Roxy's warmth and softness is transmitted from under her robe. It seems that this can tell temperature apart, as well. It's high performance, huh, this hand of mine? After that, we go to places one by one, report my return, and introduce Roxy. Rinia, Pursena. Ariel, Luke. Then, Nanahoshi. Though, I have thought to go to Cliff's place, there are sultry sounds coming from inside his research room, so I pass on it. Each person's response was varied. Rinia and Pursena's responses were particularly interesting. With just a sniff of Roxy's scent, the two of them started to shiver.

To the two of them, who had rounded their tails, I told them that this is the Shisho that I revered and loved. When I did, the two of them bowed their head to Roxy together. It's probably because the Beast Race is sensitive to such matters; this is a person they absolutely couldn't go against, for real. On the other hand, Ariel and Luke were dull to it. When I went to greet them after my repatriation, they said something sarcastic like [You're showing your face after returning, I see. However, it was because they had assisted me a lot for my journey. Having messed up due to lack of preparations, I felt nothing but shame.

That's why I apologized. But well, that's fine. When I introduced Roxy, after giving a blank look, the two of them then looked at each other. They couldn't believe that someone as young looking as Roxy would be teaching. However, I guess it's as expected of the princess of a country.

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Ariel politely greeted Roxy. She's a capable person. Nanahoshi was ill looking. It might have been that she had caught a cold, but whilst coughing, she looked at my face, and said, [With this, we'll be able to continue the research, huh] and sighed in relief. When I introduced Roxy and said that she'd be working as a teacher starting next year, she just replied with a curt [Cool. Well, a common high school girl wouldn't be able to understand Roxy's greatness, I guess.

We'd finished greeting everyone related to us. When it is about time to head home, Roxy pouts. Could it be that you're making fun of me, Rudi? I always seriously hold you in esteem. Though it's a proper evaluation in my eyes, it seems that Roxy sees it as excessive. It's a mistake that can't be taken back. Roxy isn't Roxy Migurdia anymore.

I introduced her as such and Roxy also referred to herself as such. That's why I had thought that it was unnecessary. Ariel should've understood what it meant. But she didn't voice any complaints, and I thought she had understood, but But I see. That's right. What a thing I've done. Because Roxy is someone amazing, I thought she was wasted on becoming my wife, but I see, she wanted to be introduced as my wife, huh? Though she's a second wife, she's still a wife. She's someone who might even give birth to my child.

But I really do love you. If it suits you. I'm fine with travelling to your parents' place and reporting our marriage to them, Roxy. It's far, so let's do so one day in the future. I wonder if Robin-san and Rokari-san are doing well. Having married Roxy, those two are like my parents, as well. I owe them from that time as well, so I want to go see them. If we went through a few of those teleport circles, it feels like we'd be able to get there in about 2 months, but In that case, one day in the future. One day, when we have enough time, we should all go travelling together as a family.

Whilst I entertain such thoughts, we return home. Morning wood. NSFW 3. This particular phrase is a quote from the protagonist a chu2 who would often say nonsense like "This is all according to the will of Steins;Gate! She's giving Lucy breast milk. Mother and child are healthy. Lately, Sylphy is becoming more ladylike, I think. Is it because her hair is growing or because of giving birth to a child? Or is it because the experience of twenty years is piling up?

She's in the process of becoming a beautiful woman, just like a Hollywood actress. Her figure without doing anything, just silently sitting, is surely a prize beyond other's reach, to the degree of making others hesitate to call her. Practically, I'm relieved that, she's still my Sylphy when I call or flatter her. Lucy is wholeheartedly clinging to Sylphy's breasts.

Just like me last night. In this side, parent and child are the same, uh huh. Lucy is a healthy but docile child.

Different from brother or sister, my own child seems to be special. Every time something happened, illness or something uncertain, I had overwhelming anxiety enveloping me. But the child seems to be healthy. Looking at Lucy's state, Lilia says something that surprised me, "I recall times when Rudeus-sama is small. Those words are running in my mind. I was a no-good person in my previous world.

Because of that. I'm a little uneasy. I suspect whether this child is the reincarnation of some kind of bad man. Because of uneasiness. I've asked my daughter in Japanese and English whether some crime transpired in her past life. This is a different world. It's humorous, right?

Aisha who is looking at my figure from the shadows was giggling and laughing. I have no proof, but I think Lucy is not a reincarnated person. Even if that's the case, someone who desperately mimics a baby is not cute. But, Lucy is cute. To the extent I'm not bored being close to the crib. I don't care anymore about reincarnated or not. Even if Lucy's soul is reincarnated, I will just raise her very carefully. Just like how Paul raised me.

I wonder why she's becoming so cute. I pretend I'm kissing around the back of her head, to feign burying my face into her hair. The gentle scent is the scent of milk. It's a natural perfume. Then, I see Roxy standing behind me. How about yesterday's Rudi? That, I received it well. It's the second time, and Rudi was gentle too Then, I'm sorry. A good balance is being preserved. I can see the intention of them becoming friendly. Something like the relation of three people, must be started and consist of three people's effort.

Particularly, I caused Sylphy trouble. The song sucks. She is probably improvising. The genius Aisha seems to have no talent for singing.

Deadly Secrets

Today's breakfast is same as usual, it's generally the same! Then, Aisha had prepared warmed horse milk.

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  • In this area, so milk can properly come out, mothers who give birth to a child are given horse milk. She seemed to be in the kitchen again too. And then horse milk full of nutrition. Of course, I knew what it was-even if I did not hear her-because it's what I eat every breakfast.

    However, such a thing will be important as a tradition, too. Then, wait a minute. When Zenith is in the living room, she stops and stares at me. Then, she sits in her seat silently. But she changes little by little. Particularly, it is remarkable seeing her show different actions when she's with Norn.

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    It's like dealing with a two or three year old child, such a feeling. After all, to her daughter, there are things to think about. I wonder: will her memories return little by little? Probably, it's better to see the situation a bit longer. On my right is Sylphy; on my left is Roxy. On the side across the table, lined up are Aisha, Lilia, and Zenith. If Norn were here, she would sit down next to Zenith. Although I do not remember particularly deciding her seat, it became such custom. I'm at school too, and so I entrust Lucy to you. Leave it to me. I'm in my third year and Sylphy is in her sixth year.

    While I went to school, I left the child care to Lilia and Aisha. However, Lucy is still an infant. She cannot live without the breast of mom. In that sense, I'm an infant too, but I put that thought aside for now. Anyway, I employed a nurse. She's a neighboring woman called Suzanne: a mother of two and a former adventurer as well. She's my acquaintance, but about this person, let's put her aside for now. Part 2 "Osu! There are only trashy guys.

    Did something like a bit dignified presence come out from me? Well, this is also because I became a father. I'm not very aware of this. Roxy, too nano. Even when these people became seniors, they didn't change much. Rinia is insolent. Pursena is biting on some meat like ham. Duel this year, find partner, and then return to hometown nano. Apparently, I, who is blessed with flowers in both hands, am enviable. She also comes to say.

    That is the smile of someone who has a man. Sylphy and the both of them are distant, but have a degree of frankness. Facing the two of them, she lowers her head. I didn't mean it like that nya. Since Roxy is an existence that should be respected so it is necessary -no, it's a bit unpleasant. If it's these guys alone when seeing Roxy, they will say something like [We are better than this shorty nya!

    Then she notices with, "Ah," then looks embarrassed. Because Fitts is not standing out, she's the unfortunate type, so if the harem increases by three or four more girls, she'll gradually be ignored nano. I don't intend to marry three or four more wives. Even if it happened, I don't intend to ignore Sylphy. I do not intend to neglect Sylphy, who has helped me with her body.

    In Roxy's case, it might give her a bad experience. But, the voice seems to be uneasy. Inside her heart, Sylphy may also be uneasy. I must reassure her. I whisper out [Love] while patting her back. It would be better if I say it clearly in front of people. Sylphy becomes bright red in my arm. Stop saying such a thing at school. Don't mind me. Roxy at my left arm, Sylphy at my right arm. Ah, great-flowers in both hands. They are probably Mills Church believers after all. It's fine. I have a different religion after all.

    I will not interfere too. However, having attracted public attention, Sylphy's face is bright red. I will go ahead to Ariel's place. Because I didn't go to school for nearly one year, I forgot it. I think, isn't it fine because her male appearance is already gone? Even if anyone looks, he or she will only see a beautiful woman in men's clothes. No, even in men's clothes, she's still lovely. But it is so; Roxy is also a female teacher from today. Female teacher. It has a nice ring to it. I recall the deed from last night.

    I wonder if I can rent out the gym storeroom to do it for hours Incidentally then I notice something. Roxy-sensei," "What is it, Rudeus-kun? Her face is deep blue. I should hurry! She seems to misunderstand the schedule a bit. It's natural; I think. It should not be possible for a student and teacher's schedules to synchronize.

    Today is homeroom day. Although the wives are gone, there are new flowers in both my hands. Am I popular? But I will not lay my hands on Rinia and Pursena. Fufu, it's tough being a man. Her eyes are overflowing with curiosity. A rumor that boss fought a powerful enemy to the extent of losing his left hand nya.

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    The only one who heard the detailed report is Zanoba. Did that guy leak it to someone? No, maybe Cliff heard it from Elinalise. Seven Major Powers? Where did such scary words come from? As expected nano. What kind of rumor has this level of exaggeration? Please stop with these kinds of things.

    Moreover, about this rumor, how should I respond about one-sidedly winning against the Seven Major Powers, alone? What should I do if the real Seven Major Powers overhear? If Orsted overhears After that comes scratches from extending nails, which I avoid with my demon eye. Then Rinia holds her tail with tears and glares. Ah, so, sorry nya," These people have previous criminal records with these rumors.

    First crime was spreading that I had ED. Well, that's OK. The source is a certain truth. But, this time it's different. This is harmful. At worst, death. It's a dangerous rumor. But, we just couldn't think it was great enough nya. Because of that, we want to spread boss's greatness more However, at the end, when the time matters, thoughtlessly I failed; I'm a useless man. I don't desire to receive an evaluation that high. But please stop with the Seven Major Powers rumor. That time when Orsted nearly killed me, I remember it every day.

    I think the absurd rumors will disappear soon. The number one celebrity-winning or losing-will be a source of rumors. I should not worry about rumors spreading a bit at school. Pulling a maiden's tail is unforgivable nya. I'll treat you to fish. Sometimes making a mistake is fine nya.

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    Parts Homeroom was just like usual. Five people sit sparingly with me in the center: Zanoba, who was tampering with a doll, Julie, who was imitating him, Rinia, who was hand filing her nails, Pursena, who was eating meat. And Cliff, who was opening a book and in the middle of studying. Standing behind him is Ginger; don't mind her.

    I have gotten very used to this scene. I never thought that in one year, two of them would stop being here. Rinia and Pursena will graduate this year. Well, there's still one year. One year will be gone in an instant. That reminds me that I did not meet Cliff for several months after I came home. Today is the first time. When I visited, it looked like you were busy with Elinalise. So I restrained myself. Yes, it's unavoidable like that. It's also my fault. However, Ariel is like that too; people around here would not mind much if it's just a short greeting. In case of adventurers, it is even shorter.

    Although I'm still in training, even so. I'll pray for you. Since you're not a Milis believer, so prayer is not needed? But recently it's like you're avoiding me. Even if you're busy with child parenting, isn't it fine if you visit me in the laboratory sometimes? You have the time for that, right? There is a reason for not wanting to meet Cliff. Needless to say, it's about Roxy. I have two wives and Cliff is a Milis believer. He won't be happy. I want to hear it from you, if there is such a reason. Probably, he heard the details from Elinalise.

    But, it's also about Elinalise. Needless to say, it's not necessary to have Cliff's permission to marry Roxy. However, it's unamusing if that becomes discord with Cliff. For now, let's try dancing on Elinalise's palm. I will say it; Cliff will forgive me. If he forgives me, then I'll praise his generosity. Cliff will feel good. Nobody loses. All right. I'm a dancer. Dancing and singing and say it: "As a matter of fact The ones who enter are two people. The teacher, who is always in charge of the homeroom session. What is his name again? Oh well. A pretty girl enters after him. With a robed figure, sleepy eyes, blunt expression and a little nervous.

    It is a child that seemed to do her best, any time. It is a child whom I want to hug unintentionally. I mean, it's Roxy. Zanoba and the others watch her with dumbfounded eyes. The class teacher continues his words without regard to us.

    Because she has a connection with people in this class, she will be taking over this classroom. For a while, she'll be an assistant homeroom teacher, but from next year on, she'll formally be the homeroom teacher, so everyone, too, in that regard-" "Nya! What will happen to Samson-sensei?! It seems like the class teacher's name is Samson-sensei. It's macho but not gay. He's a person whose characteristic is having no characteristics. She seems to be fine.

    However, I don't know what kind of mess she'll make if I leave her alone. Originally, the one who was in charge of homeroom at the special student's class was a person who had a special relationship with the special students. It may be because many special students are quirky.

    It is desirable that the classroom teacher is a person that can be the reins or shackle. The current classroom teacher, Samson-sensei seems to be a relative to the person who was replaced by Cliff when she graduated. That alumna had a prominent magic sense and is part of the royal family of one of the countries of the Magic Triumvirate, the Neris Dukedom. Rinia and Pursena were greatly indebted to her. Anyway, Roxy who has relation with me and Zanoba seems to be the ideal candidate. Roxy steps forward, looks around, and says, "I think I have been introduced to many of you already, though.

    My name is Roxy M. The second wife of Rudeus Greyrat who is sitting over there. Although the contact is different between student and teacher, I thank you in advance. He surely wanted to hear the words [second wife] from my mouth. Then he would have accepted Roxy. However, the plan has been destroyed. Cliff-senpai," "Hoo, a second wife. Do you not have what's called integrity?

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    I think I have insufficient integrity. No, I should congratulate you instead. She said that she would find a spouse and become intimate like brother and Sylphy-neesan in the future. What did she say to you, who brought the second wife home? She was very glad that you lived and came home truly.

    She would be thrown out if she objects till the end. However, you wouldn't know that if you stood in the shoes of a weak girl, right? She, who lost her father, has only you as someone to depend on. I wonder if you guys should have considered Norn's feelings a bit more. Still, he is just like a Catholic priest. Today's Cliff gives off an intimidating feeling. Well, Cliff-senpai. Oh, and don't let such a small child go alone. Though this neighborhood is safe, there are kidnappings if you enter back alleys. I will forgive your sins, if you reflect, since Lord Milis is a generous Lord.

    After all, was this a kind of confession? However, my follow up with Norn was surely insufficient. From now on, I will be twice as kind. Standing next to him, Roxy is showing an expression like she wants to run away. She laughs a little and scolds me when I throw a kiss to her.

    Part 4 The flow after isn't very different from how it used to be. I look at Zanoba and Cliff's condition, help Nanahoshi, research the absorption magic stones on my vacant times, and write a book. As usual, there are many things to do. I feel nostalgia for the old days, when I only did one or two things a day.

    There are some changes in the after school when the lesson finishes. Before it was time to give lessons to Norn, and now it's to teach her swordplay. I am anxious that if I teach her swordplay, her grades will decline.

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    Because she declared that she will do her best, let's watch the situation for now. She should do it rapidly while there is motivation. About those things, I will leave them for now. When the class was over, I go to meet Sylphy and Roxy then go home with the three of us. When Sylphy has night duty, it's only Roxy. When Roxy has prolonged staff meetings. I'm alone. There's also times when I go home with Norn. Today, I'm pairing with Sylphy.

    I'm holding hands and talking about many things with Sylphy while walking home. Mainly, it's about school. At new school terms, it's said that the Student Council looks for new members. A bath? No, I taught her. But, I didn't teach it to Aisha. I taught it to Sylphy. First, I say [Me] then tickle her on her underarms, she cackles while running away and Lilia targets her head.

    Afterwards is a bath. Though Aisha put bath in her choices, the bath was not prepared. She is also still cooking the meal. Ultimately, there was no choice besides [Me. Fortunately, Aisha cleaned the bath at noon. I only fill the water, so I finish preparing promptly. I often prefer taking a bath with someone.

    Somewhere along the line "enter the bath in pairs whenever possible" became an unspoken house rule. What kind of country would have this kind of rule? Well, it's fine. Today, I take a bath with Aisha. Though Aisha is already eleven years old, she is frank, and does not have enough shyness. If I talk about this to a young man in the middle of puberty, it will be misunderstood instantly. Younger sisters are truly something good. Aisha crams herself between my legs as I wash her body. The way she asks me to wash her hair or her back is really cute. If I could be aroused by her, I would probably suggest making her my third wife, creating a hell-like situation.

    I would have exceeded my patience limit if Sylphy or Roxy did the same thing. Although, in their cases, it can be said that it's not necessary to endure. Anyways, it's a heartwarming contact time with my younger sister. While washing her body, I hear the events of the day from her: That Lucy was cute. That she was concerned about Zenith. That Lilia slept at the window. That she planted a new plant at the garden grounds. They were trifling stories. Oh yes, I gave the Begaritto rice seeds to Aisha and asked if she was able to cultivate them.

    She replied reliably, [I'll try to plant it after it becomes a little warmer. I'll look forward to it. Today's dinner is stew of river fish, bread, beans, and potatoes. In short: as usual. Lucy is a child that is docile but eats well. Will she gain weight in the future? I don't want Sylphy's daughter to be stretched to the side. When she grows up. I'll make her exercise. After dinner finishes, I spend time while being in a relaxed mood. I teach Aisha magic; Roxy is preparing for tomorrow's class in her room.

    Sylphy is cuddling with Lucy, but sometimes trains her magic as well. I may mind when Jiro, the armadillo, comes to visit. By the way, the one who takes care of Jiro is Aisha. Aisha trained Jiro well and it is becoming a faithful servant-like watchdog. Good night. Aisha too is early, she sleeps after finishing studying. When she does such a movement. I'm already at my limit. I lift her with a princess-carry and carry her to the bedroom.

    And it's tinne for a dazzling nighttime. Parts Before I fully sleep: I wait until my wife has fallen asleep; I walk out from the bed. The destination is the basement. Tiptoeing down the stairs, After glancing back at the stairs, I open the secret basement door. There's the altar that is concealing something. It's enshrining objects of divinity. I also pray calmly today. Need editing 2. This is written in English.

    Same as above 6. I'm not so sure about this. ED: hang filed to hand filing as it is the only thing that makes sense 8. What's the english equivalent of this sentence. Imagine a dainty and young minister, sniff at the transgression, and start lecturing. What about a sniffle? It was translated as "Hell" when it showed up as a chapter title, so that's what I'm going to use here. Roxy's panties and Sylphy's virgin blood cloth Chapter - Training with Norn One month has passed. Though it's still cold, the snow is starting to melt, and the ground is beginning to reveal itself.

    Parti Morning. I get out of bed slowly so as not to wake up Sylphy who is sleeping beside me. Because Sylphy likes to use my arm as a pillow, I need to take care when freeing my arm. In the neighboring room I change into my training wear. I'm wearing something like a jersey that Sylphy picked out. Though it's a little cold to wear in the winter, once I start moving it's perfect. Once I'm done changing, I pick up the stone sword that was left in the corner of the room. This misshapen stone sword is something I created with magic.

    It doesn't have a blade, but it's heavy, so it's perfect for my powerful prosthetic hand. Since it's a practice sword, should I give it a fish name? Tuna or Marlin or something? Come to think of it, I haven't had sashimi since coming to this world, huh. I wonder if they don't have a culture of eating raw fish. Now that I'm done preparing, I say goodbye to Sylphy. I stroke her head once. She's probably half-asleep.

    How cute. I happen to notice that the blanket is overturned. Since her pantied butt is visible, I stroke there once as well. Despite having given birth, it's a small butt. Elinalise's figure is good as well; the Elven race sure is an amazing one. Whilst thinking about such things, I grab the blanket and put it back in place. Though our 'nightlife' has begun again recently, since it'd be tough if Sylphy suddenly had to bear a second child, we keep things in moderation. Even so, if she gets pregnant then she gets pregnant, and there isn't much we can do.

    This is also a natural part of life. Yeah, see you later. Where I'm headed to is Norn's room. Lately, we've been training together in the morning. When Norn is staying at our house, we train in the garden, and when Norn is staying at the dorms, I go meet her at the school courtyard. Today is one of the days she is staying with us. Norn's body is still young. Though I'm fine with both young and matured bodies. I'm not aroused by my sisters. Though it's a little bit of a shame. I'm relieved. To love someone without lust really is a special feeling. However, when I consider that this sister of mine will one day become someone's woman, feelings of gloominess start to sprout.

    Is this what they call the heart of a father? It's not bad. I'll do this in place of Paul. In place of Paul, I'll take on the duty of saying fl won't hand Norn over to a no-name, shady bastard like you. I "Geez, after knocking please wait for my answer. She's wearing a long sleeved top and long pants that aren't erotic at all. It's the gym uniform designated by the Magic University. I bought it at the university and gave it to her as a gift. When I happen to peer into her room, I notice that Paul's sword is hung up high on the wall. Though in my previous life I would've left a framed photograph of him in the butsudan, there are no photos in this world.

    If you search earnestly you might find a magic tool that takes pictures, but normally it isn't possible. That's why the articles of the deceased are used in place of a butsudan. It's fine I guess? When I do, I find that Norn's scent fills the room. It's a scent particular to bedrooms in the morning.

    Nearby is a bed with ruffled sheets. If I dived into it and sniffed it. I'd probably get nothing but Norn. I won't do so though. I stand in front of Paul's sword and bring my hands together. Today I'm going to practice the sword with Norn. Please watch over us so that nothing serious happens to us. What would Paul say? That getting wounded has value? Or, would he tell me not to injure Norn? I happen to look at her and find that she's on her knees with her hands clasped together, in the style of the Mills faith.

    Practice swings. Even if I say 'sword practice', right now we're doing nothing but building up her fundamentals. These past few months, Norn has been strictly building up her foundation.