Silver River Romeo (Western Cowboy Romance - Coles Story) (Rancher Romance Book 1)

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A Maid of Salem Towne 7. Encore Lionel's Courage; or Clementine's Great Peril 4. Florence Rewarded; or Priscilla the Beautiful 5. Strange Times at Fairwood High 2. The Princess of Fairwood High 3. Triple Trouble at Fairwood High Her First Trip to a Lighthouse] 3. Her First Trip to Reindeer Farm] 8.

Honey Bunch and Norman in the Castle of Magic 9. Honey Bunch and Norman and the Painted Pony Point PB 1. The Fog 2. The Snow 3. The Fire Horseback Summer 2. Happy Trails 3. Good Sports 4. Surprise, Surprise! Horse Play 6. Riding Home Because of Lissa 2. The Problem with Sidney 3. Gillian's Choice 4. The Two Faces of Adam The Gang's All Here [ 32] 2.

Dear Dr. Heartbreak [ 34] 3. Your Daily Horoscope [ 36] 4. So Long, Senior Year [ 38] Numbers in brackets indicate volume numbers within that series. Isabel Carleton's Year 2. The Heart of Isabel Carleton 3. Isabel Carleton in the West 5. Isabel Carleton at Home Isabelle Shows her Stuff 3. At Greenacres 2. The Queer Little Man 3. The Bottle Imp 4. Poppy's Pluck County Fair 2. Sweet Sixteen Jane Stuart, Twin 2. Jane Stuart's Chum 3. Jane Stuart at Rivercroft 4.

Jane Stuart, Comrade Snell 3. Janet Lennon: Adventure at Two Rivers 3. Janet Lennon at Camp Calamity 4. Janet Lennon and the Angels Island in the Day 2. The Honest Dollar 3. A Lesson for Janie 4. A Matter of Pride 5. New Horizons 6. Visitor from the Sea Jean Cabot at Ashton 2. Jean Cabot in the British Isles 3.

Jean Cabot in Cap and Gown 4. Jean Cabot at the House with the Blue Shutters Jean Mary Solves the Mystery Jeanne 2. Jeanne's House Party 3. Jeanne's Happy Year 4. Jeanne at Rainbow Lodge Jeffrey's Ghost and the Leftover Baseball Team 2. Jeffrey's Ghost and the Fifth-Grade Dragon 3. Jeffrey's Ghost and the Ziffel Fair Mystery The Jennifer Wish 2. Jennifer is Eleven 5. High Heels for Jennifer Jenny Archer to the Rescue 6. Can Do, Jenny Archer The Mystery of the Shining Children 2. The Mystery of the Hidden Trap 3. The Secret of the Third Eye 4.

The Secret of the Invisible City Sooner or Later 2. Waiting Games 3. Now or Never Jessica, the Heiress 3. Jessica Trent's Inheritance Joan of Juniper Inn Elliot 2. Joan's Jolly Vacation Elliot 3. Club , may be related to this series. Anchor for Her Heart 2. Window on the Sea 3. Stars Above 4. With This Ring Joan Foster, Sophomore 3. Joan Foster, Senior 5. The Case of the Frightened Rock Star 2.

The Case of the Counterfeit Racehorse 3. The Case of the Fired-Up Gang 4. The Case of the Wild River Ride John and Betty's English History Visit 2. John and Betty's Scotch History Visit 3. John and Betty's Irish History Visit Johnny May 2. Jolly Good Times at Hackmatack 6. Jolly Good Times To-Day 8. A Jolly Good Summer Note: This is partly a thematic series.

The first two volumes have one set of characters; volumes five and six have another set of characters. The relationship between characters in the other four volumes is not known. A Dream for Susan 5. Love Taps Gently 6. Myself and I 7. The Stars Hang High 8. A Bright Tomorrow Here's Marny Moody PB 1. Joy Sparton of Parsonage Hill 2. Joy Sparton and the Vacation Mix-Up 3.


Joy Sparton and the Money Mixup 4. Joy Sparton and Her Problem Twin 5. Joy Sparton and the Mystery in Room Seven Joy and Pam A-Sailing 6. Joy and Pam as Seniors The Haunted Road The Trail of the Green Doll The Haunted Fountain The Clue of the Broken Wing The Phantom Fried The Discovery at the Dragon's Mouth The Secret Quest The Puzzle in the Pond The Hidden Clue The Pledge of the Twin Knights The Search for the Glowing Hand The Secret of the Sand Castle Judy of York Hall 2.

Camp Ken Jocky 3. Judy's Prefect Year 4. Camp Conqueror Trusting in the Dark 2. Two of a Kind 3. Change of Heart 4.

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Tangled Web Junior High Jitters 2. Class Crush 3. How Dumb Can You Get? The Eighth Grade to the Rescue 6. Eighth Grade Hero? Those Crazy Class Pictures 8. Starring the Eighth Grade 9. Who's the Junior High Hunk? The Big Date The Great Eighth Grade Switch The Revolt of the Eighth Grade Who's Haunting the Eighth Grade?

Junior High Private Eyes Juno and Georgie 2. Mary Osborne 3. Hey World Here I Am Mystery at Snowshoe Mountain Lodge 2. Mystery at Bluff Point Dunes 3. Mystery at Camp Windingo Katie and Those Boys 2. Katie for President 3. Katie's Baby-sitting Job Katrinka Grows Up 3. Peggy Keeps House 5. Nadya Makes Her Bow Kay Dale in "South Sea Siren" 3. Kay Dale in "Mexican Sunshine". Kayla O'Brien and the Dangerous Journey 2. Kayla O'Brien and the Runaway Orphans Rising Star 3. Hard To Get 4. Headliners 5. Double Trouble 6. Paris Nights Who Needs a Bratty Brother 2. Who's Afraid of Haggerty House 3.

The Witches of Hopper Street The Rescue of the Red-Blooded Librarian 2. The Deeds of the Desperate Campers 3. The Secret of the Haunted Doghouse 4. The Cry of the Captured Doll On the Air and Off the Wall 2. Rock Video Strikes Again 4. Can This Telethon Be Saved? Queen of the Sixth Grade 2. Choosing Sides 3. Mean Streak The Beast in Ms.

Wild Cowboy Ways Lucky Penny Ranch, #1 Carolyn Brown webm

Rooney's Room 2. Fish Face 3. The Candy Corn Contest 4. December Secrets 5. In the Dinosaur's Paw 6. The Valentine Star 7. Lazy Lions, Lucky Lambs 8. Snaggle Doodles 9. Purple Climbing Days Say "Cheese" Sunny Side Up Pickle Puss Beast and the Halloween Horror Monster Rabbit Runs Amuck School Bus Cat 2.

The Cooking Class 3. The Bully on the Bus 4. The Secret Notebook 5. The Field Day Mix-Up. Silent Partner 3. The Long Shot Meet Kirsten, An American Girl 2. Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story 4. Changes for Kirsten: A Winter Story Toutou and Pussy 2. Kitty's Robins 3. The White Rabbit 4. Rudie's Goat 5. Kitty's Visit to Gramdmamma 6. Kitty's Scrap-book Little Kitty Brown and her Bible Verses 2. Kitty Brown and Little School 4. Kitty Brown Beginning to Think Thirteen 2.

Fourteen and Holding 3. Fifteen at Last 4. Going on Twelve 5. Ten-and-a-Half Note: Girls' Series Companion lists volume 5, but publication information could not be verified in other sources. Knopf 1. Kristy's Queer Christmas 2. Kristy's Surprise Party 3. Kristy's Rainy Day Picnic Kittyboy's Christmas 2. Mabel's Mishap 3. Worth His While A Room for Cathy 2. Miss Cathy Leonard 3. Cathy Leonard Calling 4. Cathy's Little Sister 5. Cathy and the Beautiful People 7. Letty's Sister 5. Letty's Treasure 6. Letty's Good Luck 7.

Letty at the Conservatory 8. Letty Grey, Heiress Let's Play Circus 3. The House with a Clock in Its Walls 2. The Figure in the Shadows 3. The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring Libby's Uninvited Guest 4. Libby Shadows a Lady My Horrible Secret 2. The Terrible Truth 3. My Secret Admirer 4. Twelve-Year-Old Vows Revenge Gloria at Boarding School 3.

A Girl Called Ted Sally Found Out Judy Jordan Note: Another Judy Jordan title, Judy Jordan's Mystery, may be a phantom title or a retitled version of volume 17 or No publication information could be found for this title. Tales You Wouldn't Believe Freckles Comes Home Linda Goes to the Hospital 2.

Linda Travels Alone 3. Linda's First Flight 4. Linda Goes to a TV Studio 5. Linda Goes on a Cruise We Hate Everything But Boys 2. Is There Life After Boys? We Love Only Older Boys 4. My Heart Belongs to that Boy 5. All for the Love of that Boy 6. Dedicated to that Boy that I Love 7.

Loving Two is Hard to Do Note: Advertisements for the series also list the following three "prequels", chronicling Linda's adventures at a younger age:. Want to Trade Two Brothers for a Cat 3. Tomboy Terror in Bunk Linda Carlton's Perilous Summer 5. Linda Carlton's Hollywood Flight Linda Craig and the Palomino Mystery 2. Linda Craig and the Clue on the Desert Trail 3. Linda Craig and the Secret of Rancho del Sol 4. Linda Craig and the Mystery of Horseshoe Canyon 5. Linda Craig and the Ghost Town Treasure 6. Linda Craig and the Mystery in Mexico At this point, the books were revised and reissued in paperback editions by Minstrel-Pocket, with new titles added:.

The Palomino Mystery 2. The Clue on the Desert Trail 3. The Secret of Rancho Del Sol 4. The Mystery of Horseshoe Canyon 5. The Mystery in Mexico 6. The Ghost Town Treasure 7. The Haunted Valley 8. Secret of the Old Sleigh 9. The Emperor's Pony The Phantom of Dark Oaks The Search for Scorpio The Golden Secret 2. The Crystal Trail 5. Anything for Kelly Everybody's Favorite Kathy in Charge Linda Lane 2. Linda Lane Helps Out 3. Linda Lane's Plan 4. Linda Lane's Problems 6. Sidney de Grey; or The Rival Schoolboys.

Cousin Clara; or The Mislaid Jewels. Peter Clinton; or The Story of a Boy The Case of the Diamond Eye 2. What Happened to Candy Carmichael 3. Valerie Valentine is Missing 4. Dark Treasure 2. Magic Island Addie's Country Home 2. Addie's Visitors 3. Working for Mama 4. Addie's Brother 5. Addie's Birthday 6.

The Sail on the River 7. Addie's Story Book 8. Laura's Garden 9. The Lost Child Working for Papa The Magic Lantern Addie's Party Note: This series appears in American Catalogue, but no additional information about the author or books could be found in the NUC to verify it is an American series or identify "Cousin Belle".

The White Dress 2. The Broken Basket 3. Jamie by the Lake 4. Bertie Page 5. Amy and Her Kitten 6. Jane Hart M ary A. Hot and badgered Shelly Laurenston. It's not every day that a beautiful naked woman falls out of the sky and lands face-first on grizzly shifter Berg Dunn's hotel balcony. Definitely they don't usually hop up and demand his best gun. Berg gives the lady a grizzly-sized t-shirt and his cell ….

Heart unbroken Andrew Grey. A Hearts Entwined Novel. Car restorer Dean Milford knows how to make damaged things beautiful again. Only, after a bad breakup, he loses sight of who he is, playing the field and distracting himself with any man he comes across. But now there's only one g…. Harlequin presents May Box set 2 of 2. Harlequin Presents, June It's meant…. Harlequin presents January Harlequin Presents brings you a collection of four new titles! For one night, Trella Sauveterre forgets her childhood abduction, experiences a sizzling sed….

Harlequin presents April Box set 1 of 2. Harlequin Dare brings you a collection of four new sexy contemporary romances for fun and fearless women. February box set JC Harroway. Harlequin dare April box set. Ghost shadow Heather Graham. There are those who walk among us who are no longer alive, but not yet crossed over. Among the…. Get a clue Jill Shalvis. When Breanne Mooreland gets left at the altar, she decides the best thing to do is to go on her honeymoon alone.

Of course, she loses her luggage along the way and ends up snowed in at a Sierra mountains lodge run by a noticeably quirky staff. And before …. Fragments of fear Carrie Stuart Parks. Stolen art. A New Mexico archaeological dig. An abandoned dog. And a secret that's worth killing for. As she struggles to put her life back together and make a living from her art,…. Foods that cause you to lose weight : the negative calorie effect Neal Barnard. More than one million copies sold!

No more counting calories-discover the foods that take the weight off and keep it off with this revolutionary plan. Did you know that certain foods have an incredible negative calorie effect that actually melts fat? Fledgling Molly Harper. Days away from becoming completing her first year at Miss Castwell's Institute for the Magical Instruction of Young Ladies, Changeling-born Sarah Smith might just get away with posing as an upper-class Guardian girl named Cassandra Reed.

But strange visio…. Flamingo Diner Sherryl Woods. Unfortunately, in the small town of Winter Cove, …. Fire storm Nancy Mehl. Upon her arrival, she learns of a series of fires in the small town, attributed by the fir…. Find your artistic voice : the essential guide to working your creative magic. An artist's unique voice is their calling card. It's what makes each of their works vital and particular. But developing such singular artistry requires effort and persistence. Bestselling author, artist, and illustrator Lisa Congdon brings her expertise ….

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Far and away Fern Michaels. The best of friends, Toots, Ida, Mavis, and Sophie have been there for each other through thick and thin. Now Sophie needs the rest of the Godmothers to help her through something they've never faced befor…. Excavation James Rollins. Everyday keto baking : healthy low-carb recipes for every occasion Erica Kerwien. Have your cake-and stay keto too! With Everyday Keto Baking, there's no need to deprive yourself of the breads, muffins, and other treats you love.

Instead, learn to make keto-friendly low-carb, high-fat versions of your favorite baked goods using real-…. More than beautiful recipes that make weeknight cooking a breeze, gorgeous food and lifestyle photography, and easy-to-follow tips for cook…. Epic vegan : wild and over-the-top plant-based recipes Dustin Harder. Not Your Granny's Home Cookin'! Epic Vegan offers a step-by-step guide to creating timeless comfort foods that are over-the-top delicious, and always plant based. Think classic and nostalgic, yet messy, juicy, and Instagram-worthy at the same time.

Are yo…. Endless night Agatha Christie. One of Agatha Christie's personal favorites, Endless Night is a critically acclaimed classic crime thriller from the beloved queen of mystery. When penniless Michael Rogers discovers the beautiful house at Gypsy's Acre and then meets the heiress Ellie, it…. Dirty dates : erotic fantasies for couples. What happens when date night involves a blindfold, a corset, handcuffs, or a spanking? The couples in Dirty Dates combine kink and romance in this collection of erotic stories that provides plenty of ideas for your next sexy outing.

Your 50th date can be …. Digging deep. Drake Park has a complicated life. As a gay male midwife, he's used to raising eyebrows. Add Crohn's disease and things get interesting-or not, considering the sad state of his love life. Experience has taught Drake that most men are fair-weather sailors …. Following the success of Murder on the Orient Express directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh, Twentieth Century Fox will next adapt this classic Hercule Poirot mystery for the big screen. Beloved detective Hercule Poirot embarks on a journey to Egypt in….

Deadly Intentions. Research scientist Caitlyn Lindsey is convinced that someone is taking out her team one by one. First, a friend and research partner was killed in a home invasion. Three months ago, her boss died in a suspicious car accident. Four days ago, another partne…. Dating by the book Mary Ann Marlowe.

Is love just something you find in books? Six months ago, writer and bookstore owner Maddie Hanson was left at the altar. Since then, she's had zero interest in romance-despite the fact that she runs a book club full of sexy eligible bachelors. But when …. How has the United States, with more resources than any nation, developed a healthcare system…. Claiming London Becca Jameson. Claiming London is the sixth book in the Club Zodiac series.

London will be the heroine. I'm pretty sure I know who her love interest is, but fans will just have to wait and see. Stay tuned for more information as the creative juices flow! Not even Lake Eden's nosiest residents suspected Hannah Swensen would go from idealistic newlywed to betrayed wife in a matter of weeks. But as a deadly mystery unfolds in town, the proof is in the pudding. When The Cookie Jar becomes the setting of…. Chocolate chip cookie murder : a Hannah Swensen mystery Joanne Fluke.

Take one amateur sleut…. Chase darkness with me : how one true-crime writer started solving murders Billy Jensen. Have you ever wanted to solve a murder? Gather the clues the police overlooked? Put together the pieces? Identify the suspect? Journalist Billy Jensen spent fifteen years investigating unsolved murders, fighting for the families of victims. Every story he…. Built to last : successful habits of visionary companies Jim Collins, Jerry I. It is not about visionary product concepts or visionary products or visionary market insights.

Nor is it about just having a corporate vision. This is a book about something far more important, endu…. Bound for trouble : BDSM erotica for women. Bound for Trouble is the tenth bondage-themed anthology for Alison Tyler, a veteran at collecting the very best BDSM stories for her readers' pain-tinged pleasure. Bondage sends shivers the really good kind down spines.

With Bound for Trouble, Tyler unc…. Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich is a rollicking and poignant romantic comedy about a young widow who decides to get in shape Holly Brennan used food to comfort herself through her husba…. Beyond Compare. Though Kyria Moreland is beautiful enough to earn the sobriquet "The Goddess" and rich enough to attract London's most sought after gentlemen, she has yet…. In those first heady days of a relationship, couples can barely keep their hands off each other. But as relationships mature, sex can get pushed further and further down the list of priorities.

Suddenly, instead of a passionate date you can't wait to keep…. Beneath Copper Falls Colleen Coble. Dana has already learned that love isn't safe. As a dispatcher, Dana Newell takes pride in being calm in tough circumstances. In addition to her emotionally-charged career, she's faced enough emergencies …. Before I let you go Kelly Rimmer. The a. Annie is a drug addict, a thief, a liar-and in trouble, again.

Lexie has always bailed Annie out, given her money, a place to sleep, sent her to every kind of rehab. Beauty and the beast Hannah Howell. New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell enthralls readers with her unforgettable tales of the love between fierce knights and their passionate women, weaving her storytelling genius to give us one of her best romances yet. Beauty And The Beast….

Baltimore blues Laura Lippman. Until her paper, the Baltimore Star, crashed and burned, Tess Monaghan was a damn good reporter who knew her hometown intimately -- from historic Fort McHenry to the crumbling projects of Cherry Hill. Now gainfully unemployed at twenty-nine, she's willing…. Bad things Nancy Bush. Some mistakes you have to live with. One victim succumbs to an overdose. Another is brutally bludgeoned to death. Each, in turn, will pay. Because you never forget the friends you make in high school-or the enemies.

And others. In the wake…. Autism in heels : the untold story of a female life on the spectrum. The face of autism is changing. And more often than we realize, that face is wearing lipstick. Autism in Heels, an intimate memoir, reveals the woman inside one of autism's most prominent figures, Jennifer O'Toole. At the age of thirty-five, Jennifer was …. Assaulted caramel Amanda Flower. Sometimes you need a sweet tooth to take a bite out of crime.

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But just when Bailey's up for a life-changing promotion, her grandmother calls…. Ask for it Sylvia Day. It's been years since she jilted him for another man, but that only means there's a lot to catch up on, a lot to make up for, and that he's going…. Are you my monster? In Are You My Monster? He compares his drawing-showing a green monster with a long tail, pointy nails, and big teeth-with an assortment of amusing monsters, until he finds the perfe…. Amelia Diana Palmer. The dazzling colors, white heat, and rough sensuality of west Texas stir her very soul.

But there's a serpent in her paradise: King Culhane. A towering sunburned cowboy with silver eyes t…. Always Lynsay Sands.

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New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands returns with the unforgettable story of a reluctant bride and groom who soon find common ground in the bedroom. Bastard daughter to the king, Rosamunde was raised in a convent and wholly prepared to take ….

All manner of things Susie Finkbeiner. When Annie Jacobson's brother Mike enlists as a medic in the Army in , he hands her a piece of paper with the address of their long-estranged father. If anything should happen to him in Vietnam, Mike says, Annie must let their father know. In Mike's a…. Again the magic Lisa Kleypas. She gave him her innocence. Lady Aline Marsden was brought up to marry a man of her own class, but from the moment she meets John McKenna, she risks everything to be with him.

He gave her his heart Although their love is forbidden, McKenna's passion …. Act like a success, think like a success : discovering your gift and the way to life's riches Steve Harvey. Now, he tells everyone how to succeed in life, giving you the keys to fulfill your purpose. Countless books on succ…. Act like a lady, think like a man : what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment Steve Harvey with Denene Millner.

The 1 New York Times bestseller from the new guru of relationship advice, Steve Harvey's Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is an invaluable self-help book that can empower women everywhere to take control of their relationships. The host of a top-rated r…. A year of miracles : daily devotions and reflections Marianne Williamson.

In A Year of Miracles, Marianne Williamson, the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the classic A Return to Love and world-renowned teacher, offers a daily devotional that helps us develop a positive, loving mindset and encourages us to live our best …. A virgin for a vow Melanie Milburne. Her innocence-exposed! Invited to attend a prestigious charity ball with her "husband…. A vineyard Christmas Jean Stone.

In the midst of a Christmas blizzard: A baby on the doorstep. It's taken a long time and a little heartache, but Annie Sutton is finally following her dream of living on Martha's Vineyard. She fell in love with the island's singular beauty while using it ….

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A song of joy Lauraine Snelling. In Minnesota in , Nilda Carlson is torn between society life in the city of Blackduck and spending time with her family back home on the farm. Her employer, Mrs. Schoenleber, gives her more and more responsibility and experience, including recommendin…. Live boldly as a woman with ADHD! This radical guide will show you how to cultivate your individual strengths, honor your neurodiversity, and learn to communicate with confidence and clarity.

A quick bite Lynsay Sands. That hot guy tied to Lissianna Argeneau's bed? He's not dessert-he's the main course! Lissianna has been spending her centuries pining for Mr. Right, not just a quick snack, and this sexy guy she finds in her bed looks like he might be a candidate. But th…. A lady's guide to gossip and murder Dianne Freeman. How far will some go to safeguard a secret? In the latest novel in Dianne Freeman's witty and delightful historical mystery series, the adventurous Countess Harleigh finds out.

A hasty betrothal Jessica Nelson. A Practical Proposal Though Lady Elizabeth Wayland would rather spend her days with her beloved books than an uncaring spouse, scandal forces her to find a match posthaste. To escape the scoundrel who almost ruined her, Elizabeth accepts an unconventional….

A dangerous game Heather Graham. Who …. A Chip and a chair Cordelia Kingsbridge. Detective Levi Abrams and PI Dominic Russo are reunited and more committed to each other than ever, but they can't truly move forward with their lives until the serial killer who's been tormenting them is behind bars. When a secret burial site is discover…. Touching on subjects like first love, lost love, individuality and the passing of time, each poem captures the fleeting moments we all experience and which stick with us, shaping us into the people we become.

The witcher. Based on the hit games by CD Projekt Red! Geralt is summoned by an old acquaintance to help solve a mystery involving his daughter. Upon arriving to investigate the situation, however, Geralt is surprised to find Dandelion, and the duo unexpectedly find t…. The walking dead, vol. The Kitchen. Don't miss this new edition of the title that inspired the upcoming movie from New Line Cinema! New York City, late s. In the world of The Kitchen, the Irish gangs of Hell's Kitchen rule the neighborhood, bringing terror to the streets and doing the d…. The Jewish brigade. For this first installment of "The Jewish Brigade" we find ourselves in Poland.

Leslie and Ari, two British soldiers, carry out an ambush near a church. They're looking for a priest He was an SS agent. The two men get back …. The Boys : Omnibus. Volume 3. An evil so profound it threatens all mankind! The mightiest heroes on the planet uniting to defend us all! A secret crisis of such utter finality that a countdown to civil or infinite war seems unavoidable!

But have you ever wondered what really happens d…. Issue 1 Palle Schmidt. Detective Maynard is trying to find some illumination in his grey, gritty world filled with the messy consequences of other peoples' sins. As much as he dreams of a happy, "normal" life, it seems to be just outside his reach. But he has plans Then, whe…. Enemy of the state. Trapped in a maximum-security penitentiary, Al Simmons is exactly where he wants to be.

But the danger is greater than he knows. Alone against his enemies, Al beg…. Shame trilogy Lovern Kindzierski. When the purest woman on earth allows herself one selfish wish, it is enough to conceive the most evil woman the world has ever known. Collecting Lovern Kindzierski and John Bolton's acclaimed fantasy series for the first time. A city under siege. Issue Erik Larsen. Mighty Man! Lightning Girl! And more Demons than you can ima….

The sandman. Muth, Charles Vess. In the final Sandman tales from issues of the acclaimed series, Morpheus makes the ultimate decision between change and death. As one journey for the Endless ends, another begins for the Lord of Dreams and his family. It's a wake in which friends a…. Eldo Yoshimizu's Ryuko is a stunning manga, which tells the action-packed story of a no-nonsense, tough and resourceful woman of the Yakuza.

Appearing in the English language for the first time, this dynamic story explores Ryuko's life as she has to deal …. A colonel visits Dottie to convince her to resume posing for cartoonist Milton, and that "Poison Ivy" is the patriotic boost the troops really need. She agrees…. It's and all-American Joe is heading off to fight the Japanese. Moonshadow : the definitive edition. Known as America's first fully painted graphic novel, the poetic, philosophical, and groundbreaking Moonshadow gets a deluxe hardcover treatment, with a new introduction by writer J.

DeMatteis and a new bonus section featuring concept art and early note…. Life is strange. Invalid email or password. Try again. Forgot password? LOG IN. Don't have a Library Journal Account? Register Now. Collection Management Fiction Media Nonfiction. Innovation Management Marketing Programming.

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