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Noted producer Phil Ek described his role as "the person who creatively guides or directs the process of making a record", like a director would a movie.

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Indeed, in Bollywood music, the designation is music director; the music producer's job is to create and mold a piece of music. The scope of responsibility may be one or two songs or an artist's entire album — in which case the producer will develop an overall vision for the album and how the various songs may interrelate. At the beginning of record industry, the producer role was technically limited to record, in one shot, artists performing live; the immediate predecessors to record producers were the artists and repertoire executives of the late s and s who oversaw the "pop" product and led session orchestras.

The role of producers changed progressively over the s due to technology; the development of multitrack recording caused a major change in the recording process. Before multitracking , all the elements of a song had to be performed simultaneously. All of these singers and musicians had to be assembled in a large studio where the performance was recorded. With multitrack recording, the "bed tracks" rhythm section accompaniment parts such as the bassline and rhythm guitar could be recorded first, the vocals and solos could be added using as many "takes" as necessary, it was no longer necessary to get all the players in the studio at the same time.

A pop band could record their backing tracks one week, a horn section could be brought in a week to add horn shots and punches, a string section could be brought in a week after that. Alternative rock Alternative rock is a style of rock music that emerged from the independent music underground of the s and became popular in the s. In this instance, the word "alternative" refers to the genre's distinction from mainstream rock music; the term's original meaning was broader, referring to a generation of musicians unified by their collective debt to either the musical style or the independent, DIY ethos of punk rock , which in the late s laid the groundwork for alternative music.

At times, "alternative" has been used as a catch-all description for music from underground rock artists that receives mainstream recognition, or for any music, whether rock or not, seen to be descended from punk rock. Alternative rock broadly consists of music that differs in terms of its sound, social context and regional roots.

By the end of the s, magazines and zines , college radio airplay, word of mouth had increased the prominence and highlighted the diversity of alternative rock, helping to define a number of distinct styles such as noise pop , indie rock and shoegaze. But most alternative bands' commercial success was limited in comparison to other genres of rock and pop music at the time, most acts remained signed to independent labels and received little attention from mainstream radio, television, or newspapers.

With the breakthrough of Nirvana and the popularity of the grunge and Britpop movements in the s, alternative rock entered the musical mainstream and many alternative bands became successful. In the past, popular music tastes were dictated by music executives within large entertainment corporations. Record companies signed contracts with those entertainers who were thought to become the most popular, therefore who could generate the most sales; these bands were able to record their songs in expensive studios, their works sold through record store chains that were owned by the entertainment corporations.

The record companies worked with radio and television companies to get the most exposure for their artists. The people making the decisions were business people dealing with music as a product, those bands who were not making the expected sales figures were excluded from this system. Before the term alternative rock came into common usage around , the sort of music to which it refers was known by a variety of terms. In , Terry Tolkin used the term Alternative Music to describe the groups.

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In the United Kingdom , dozens of small do it yourself record labels emerged as a result of the punk subculture. According to the founder of one of these labels, Cherry Red , NME and Sounds magazines published charts based on small record stores called "Alternative Charts". The first national chart based on distribution called the Indie Chart was published in January At the time, the term indie was used to describe independently distributed records. By , indie' had come to mean a particular genre, or group of subgenres, rather than distribution status; the use of the term alternative to describe rock music originated around the mids.

Individuals who worked as DJs and promoters during the s claim the term originates from American FM radio of the s, which served as a progressive alternative to top 40 radio formats by featuring longer songs and giving DJs more freedom in song selection. According to one former DJ and promoter, "Somehow this term'alternative' got rediscovered and heisted by college radio people during the 80s who applied it to new post-punk , indie, or underground-whatever music".

At first the term referred to intentionally non—mainstream rock acts that were not influenced by "heavy metal ballads, rarefied new wave" and "high-energy dance anthems". Journalist Jim Gerr wrote that Alternative encompassed variants such as "rap, trash and industrial". In December , Spin magazine noted: "this year, for the first time, it became resoundingly clear that what has been considered alternative rock — a college-centered marketing group with lucrative, if limited, potential- has in fact moved into the mainstream"; the bill of the first Lollapalooza , an itinerant festival in North America conceived by Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell , reunited "disparate elements of the alternative rock community" including Henry Rollins , Butthole Surfers , Ice-T , Nine Inch Nails and the Banshees and Jane's Addiction.

That same year, Farrell coined the term Alternative Nation. In the late s, the definition again became more specific. In , Neil Strauss of The New York Times defined alternative rock as "hard-edged rock distinguished by brittle,'70s-inspired guitar riffing and singers agonizing over their problems until they take on epic proportions".

YouTube allows users to upload, rate, add to playlists, comment on videos, subscribe to other users, it offers a wide variety of corporate media videos. Available content includes video clips, TV show clips, music videos and documentary films, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams, other content such as video blogging, short original videos, educational videos.

Unregistered users can only watch videos on the site, while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos and add comments to videos. Videos deemed inappropriate are available only to registered users affirming themselves to be at least 18 years old. YouTube and its creators earn advertising revenue from Google AdSense , a program which targets ads according to site content and audience. The vast majority of its videos are free to view, but there are exceptions, including subscription-based premium channels, film rentals, as well as YouTube Music and YouTube Premium , subscription services offering premium and ad-free music streaming, ad-free access to all content, including exclusive content commissioned from notable personalities; as of February , there were more than hours of content uploaded to YouTube each minute, one billion hours of content being watched on YouTube every day.

As of August , the website is ranked as the second-most popular site in the world, according to Alexa Internet. According to a story, repeated in the media and Chen developed the idea for YouTube during the early months of , after they had experienced difficulty sharing videos, shot at a dinner party at Chen's apartment in San Francisco.

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Karim did not attend the party and denied that it had occurred, but Chen commented that the idea that YouTube was founded after a dinner party "was very strengthened by marketing ideas around creating a story, digestible". Karim said the inspiration for YouTube first came from Janet Jackson's role in the Super Bowl incident, when her breast was exposed during her performance, from the Indian Ocean tsunami. Karim could not find video clips of either event online, which led to the idea of a video sharing site. Hurley and Chen said that the original idea for YouTube was a video version of an online dating service, had been influenced by the website Hot or Not.

Difficulty in finding enough dating videos led to a change of plans, with the site's founders deciding to accept uploads of any type of video. YouTube's early headquarters were situated above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant in San Mateo, California ; the domain name www. The first YouTube video, titled Me at the zoo , shows co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo ; the video was uploaded on April 23, , can still be viewed on the site.

YouTube offered the public a beta test of the site in May ; the first video to reach one million views was a Nike advertisement featuring Ronaldinho in November The site grew and, in July , the company announced that more than 65, new videos were being uploaded every day, that the site was receiving million video views per day.

In May , 48 hours of new videos were uploaded to the site every minute, which increased to 60 hours every minute in January , hours every minute in May , hours every minute in November , hours every minute in February ; as of January , the site had million unique users a month. It is estimated that in YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire Internet in According to third-party web analytics providers and SimilarWeb , YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world, as of December Phonograph record A phonograph record is an analog sound storage medium in the form of a flat disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove.

The groove starts near the periphery and ends near the center of the disc. At first, the discs were made from shellac. In recent decades, records have sometimes been called vinyl records, or vinyl; the phonograph disc record was the primary medium used for music reproduction throughout the 20th century. It had co-existed with the phonograph cylinder from the late s and had superseded it by around Records retained the largest market share when new formats such as the compact cassette were mass-marketed.

By the s, digital media, in the form of the compact disc, had gained a larger market share, the vinyl record left the mainstream in Since the s, records continue to be manufactured and sold on a smaller scale, are used by disc jockeys and released by artists in dance music genres, listened to by a growing niche market of audiophiles ; the phonograph record has made a notable niche resurgence in the early 21st century — 9. In the UK sales have increased five-fold from to ; as of , 48 record pressing facilities remain worldwide, 18 in the United States and 30 in other countries.

The increased popularity of vinyl has led to the investment in new and modern record-pressing machines. Phonograph records are described by their diameter in inches, the rotational speed in revolutions per minute at which they are played, their time capacity, determined by their diameter and speed. Vinyl records may be scratched or warped if stored incorrectly but if they are not exposed to high heat, carelessly handled or broken, a vinyl record has the potential to last for centuries; the large cover are valued by collectors and artists for the space given for visual expression when it comes to the long play vinyl LP.

In the s, these tracings were first scanned by audio engineers and digitally converted into audible sound. Phonautograms of singing and speech made by Scott in were played back as sound for the first time in Along with a tuning fork tone and unintelligible snippets recorded as early as , these are the earliest known recordings of sound.

In , Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Unlike the phonautograph, it could both record and reproduce sound. Despite the similarity of name, there is no documentary evidence that Edison's phonograph was based on Scott's phonautograph.

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Edison first tried recording sound on a wax-impregnated paper tape, with the idea of creating a "telephone repeater" analogous to the telegraph repeater he had been working on. Although the visible results made him confident that sound could be physically recorded and reproduced, his notes do not indicate that he reproduced sound before his first experiment in which he used tinfoil as a recording medium several months later. The tinfoil was wrapped around a grooved metal cylinder and a sound-vibrated stylus indented the tinfoil while the cylinder was rotated.

The recording could be played back immediately; the Scientific American article that introduced the tinfoil phonograph to the public mentioned Marey and Barlow as well as Scott as creators of devices for recording but not reproducing sound. Edison invented variations of the phonograph that used tape and disc formats. Numerous applications for the phonograph were envisioned, but although it enjoyed a brief vogue as a startling novelty at public demonstrations, the tinfoil phonograph proved too crude to be put to any practical use. A decade Edison developed a improved phonograph that used a hollow wax cylinder instead of a foil sheet; this proved to be both a better-sounding and far more useful and durable device.

The wax phonograph cylinder created the recorded sound market at the end of the s and dominated it through the early years of the 20th century.

see Lateral-cut disc records were developed in the United States by Emile Berliner , who named his system the "gramophone", distinguishing it from Edison's wax cylinder "phonograph" and American Graphophone's wax cylinder "graphophone". Berliner's earliest discs, first marketed in , only in Europe , were Both the records and the machine were adequate only for use as a toy or curiosity, due to the limited sound quality. In the United States in , under the Berliner Gramophone trademark, Berliner started marketing records of 7 inches diameter with somewhat more substantial entertainment value, along with somewhat more substantial gramophones to play them.

Berliner's records had poor sound quality compared to wax cylinders, but his manufacturing associate Eldridge R. Johnson improved it. After all, we are more familiar with the instrumental. Mandel was a musical prodigy, which gave him an early start as an arranger and jazzman. The New Yorker had other lovely songs to his credit. Time to dig into the gritty little details of the tune itself. It started out much longer. In the pilot episode — and in the pilot episode alone — an extended version plays for about a minute and a half. It is the only episode to not open immediately with the theme.

The tune arrives a couple minutes in, after some comedic establishing shots of the characters. Clips from the musical montage were used in the opening credits throughout its 11 seasons — with some changes. The second pilot was chopped in half, to a second version heard in the early seasons. Later, after the departure of Trapper John and the arrival of B. If you clock later seasons, the tune plays for about 50 seconds. On a side note, as B. The shot of Hawkeye, on the other hand, remained unchanged from the pilot episode.

When you compare them, you can also hear differences in the instrumentals used in early seasons and later seasons. The acoustic guitar opening the track is subtly but noticeably different. The earlier version features single-string plucking, while the later version has more of a harmonic chord plucking. Oh, and while we're talking about minor changes: Did you ever notice the wounded man on the helicopter goes from dangling his bloody arm over the side to being wrapped up a blanket? See Also. Inside the theme song: ''The Brady Bunch''.

It was co-written by a 14 year old. He is known for being the lead guitarist and lead vocalist for the Welsh alternative rock band Manic Street Preachers. Biography Early life Born in Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Bradfield attended the local Oakdale Comprehensive School where he suffered years of cruelty and bullying he claims he was "a Woody Allen-esque little nerd" for his name nicknamed Crossfire , lazy eye, musical bent and small size.

James formed a close relationship with three friends: his cousin Sean Moore, who lived with James and his family throughout their childhood after his own parents' divorce, and future bandmates Nicky Wire and Richey Edwards. He learnt to play guitar by learning how to pla. Hummin' is an album by jazz cornetist Nat Adderley recorded in and released on the Dutch Little David label. This is a list of artists who have achieved one number-one hit on the UK Singles Chart and no other entry whatsoever on the chart. The list uses the strict The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles definition of "one-hit wonder", a term also commonly used more loosely to refer to any act known primarily for one major hit.

Methodology A hit is attributed to the main artist given credit. If a single is released by two artists with the conjunction 'and' or 'versus' then both artists have equal billing e. Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg and are both counted as having a number one in this case "Je t'aime They took their name from the Fatima Mansions corporation flats in Rialto, Dublin. The single was a double A-side; the flip-track, Manic Street Preachers' version of "Suicide Is Painless" received most of the radio airplay.

They also gained mainstream exposure by opening a European leg of U2's Zoo TV Tour in , although they were nearly booed off the stage and almost started a riot. It peaked and debuted at number 2 in the UK Singles Chart. The opening line of the song 'Libraries gave us power' was inspired by a legend engraved over the entrance to the former library in Pillgwenlly, Newport, some 15 miles from the band's home town of Blackwood in Wales: 'Knowledge is Power'.

Its video exemplifies this theme further. To date, U. History Both frontman Shawn Albro and guitarist Chris Weber began their careers as a part of the mids glam rock scene. Weber was actually a founding member of the band Hollywood Rose, which served as the precursor to the legendary band Guns N' Roses, while Albro sang lead for the band Wicked Teaze. Do you Hear What We Hear?

Medley : What Child is This? Isobel "Izzie" Catherine Stevens, M. The character was created by series producer Shonda Rhimes, and was portrayed by actress Katherine Heigl from to Knight and Alex Karev Justin Chambers formed a focal point of the series. Heigl garnered critical acclaim for her performance as Izzie and received numerous awards and nominations for her role, winning the "Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series" at the Emmy Awards. She was critical of the character's development during the show's fourth season, particularly her romance with George.

She declined to put herself forward for the Emmy Award. The song peaked at number 9 in the UK Singles Chart. He later went on to say "The question that still haunts me is 'would those people have been necklaced if there was no media coverage? He committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in Johannesburg at the age of His pickup truck was parked near a small river where he used to play as a child, and a note left on the passenger seat read: "The pain of life overrides joy to the point that joy no longer exists.

The series takes place immediately following the end of the Korean War and chronicles the adventures of three characters from the original series: Colonel Sherman T. He soon found physically forced retirement stifling, and Mildred suggested. October 24, Bob said to me, 'You know, I need a song for the film. The Gale Group. It was written in for the "Last Supper" scene and was actually intended to be played by one of the actors. It had to be written before the movie was actually shot. Bob also said the song had to be called 'Suicide Is Painless'.

Bob was going to take a shot at the lyrics. Bob said, "All is not lost. Michael L. His year-old son, Mike Altman, was enlisted and wrote the lyrics in five minutes to which Mandel later added the melody. Francis D. The studio ignored his protest. Roberts, David London: Guinness World Records Limited. Retrieved July 27, Burrows, Marc October 25, The Guardian. Retrieved December 29, Official Charts. Retrieved February 26, Retrieved on Svensk mediedatabas. Retrieved November 25, Retrieved October 3, Suicide methods topic Socrates with a cup of poisonous Hemlock. Suicide bag topic A suicide bag, also known as an exit bag or hood,[1][2] is a euthanasia device consisting of a large plastic bag with a drawcord used to commit suicide through inert gas asphyxiation.

Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s political films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain War comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Richey Edwards topic Richard James Edwards 22 December — disappeared 1 February , also known as Richey James, was a Welsh musician who was the lyricist and rhythm guitarist of the alternative rock band Manic Street Preachers. Suicide by hanging topic Suicide by hanging is the act of intentionally killing oneself via suspension from an anchor-point or ligature point e. Some of the lyrics are t Folders related to Motorcycle Emptiness: British heavy metal songs Revolvy Brain revolvybrain British soft rock songs Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s ballads Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Johnny Mandel topic John Alfred Mandel born November 23, is an American composer and arranger of popular songs, film music and jazz. The fact that one can easily identify the least painful and easiest method Folders related to The Complete Manual of Suicide: non-fiction books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Books about suicide Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Japanese books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Suicide booth topic A suicide booth is a fictional machine for committing suicide. Voluntary euthanasia topic Voluntary euthanasia is the practice of ending a life in a painless manner.

Manic Street preachers suicide is Painless (with Lyrics)

Assisted Suicide Assisted suicide is a practice in which a person receives assistance in bringing about their death, typically people suffering from a severe physical illness,[7] in which the final step in the process is actively performed by the person c Folders related to Voluntary euthanasia: Europe-centric Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Assisted suicide Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Suicide types Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Assisted suicide topic Assisted suicide is suicide undertaken with the aid of another person.

Suicide tourism topic Suicide tourism, or euthanasia tourism, is the practice of potential suicide candidates travelling to a jurisdiction to commit assisted suicide or suicide. However, a clause insisting on a well-established relationship between doctor and patient is designed to prevent Folders related to Suicide tourism: Suicide Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Types of tourism Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Euthanasia Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Richard T. Euthanasia topic Look up euthanasia in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Non-voluntary euthanasia patient's consent unavailable is ill Folders related to Euthanasia: Medical ethics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Death Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Euthanasia Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Hummin' topic Hummin' is an album by jazz cornetist Nat Adderley recorded in and released on the Dutch Little David label. List of one-hit wonders on the UK Singles Chart topic This is a list of artists who have achieved one number-one hit on the UK Singles Chart and no other entry whatsoever on the chart.

They also gained mainstream exposure by opening a European leg of U2's Zoo TV Tour in , although they were nearly booed off the stage and almost started a riot Folders related to The Fatima Mansions: Irish anarchists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Critics of religions Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Musical groups from Cork city Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. He soon found physically forced retirement stifling, and Mildred suggested Folders related to AfterMASH: s American workplace comedy television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s American medical television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s American sitcoms Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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