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What might be more surprising is exactly how much the global search traffic falls off in the interim. Are you in a cyclical market? Know when you need to ramp up your efforts and get competitive with the historical data. This tool will help you plan your annual content calendar around the times that search volume spikes. If I were writing for a moving company, I would make sure that my blog calendar skewed heavily for the start of the summer based on what I see above. This is information that would be impossible to glean from most other keyword research tools.

Google Trends also has another great feature: Google Correlate. Enter a keyword, and the tool spits out correlated keywords according to its algorithm. As you can guess, this is extremely helpful for finding semantically-related keywords to optimize for, as well as mining topic ideas. We love Google Trends for historical data, spotting cyclical trends, long-term planning and broad topic research. Pros: Best local free keyword research tool.

Great Long Tail Pro alternative. Great local targeting. Also mines autocomplete and filters by questions. This tool has a wealth of features for a free tool, and I hardly miss the features that are only available in the Pro version. You can then look at autocomplete results and common questions related to your keyword. You can see what pages are already appearing in the SERPs, with hyperlinks. It give you estimated keyword difficulty from , monthly search volume in a convenient bar graph and it shows trend data over a multi-year period.

The tool even allows you to make lists and export those lists to your clipboard or a. Bring your arguments in the comments! I want to hear your favorite. Come at me! Not great for topic research. This is the one tool that, personally, tops all others for the best keyword research tools It performs its job with an unobtrusive interface that is unobtrusive and provides a ton of information.

Just download it. Pros: Best topic research tool. Best keyword suggestion tool. Best Long Tail Pro alternative. Best keyword research tools. Best content idea generator to help your pages rank. It analyzes your content as you are writing it to show you how well you are optimizing for the keywords you want.

Its in-depth features make it very different from all the tools listed above. In fact, you could think of it as a tool that is trying to incorporate every other tool on this page into one tool. The usability is great, the features are practically bottomless and the data is exceptional for those who take the time to explore and set up the tool fully. For local search, you can target granular areas, and surprisingly small cities.

You can do almost all of your social media posting. You can use it to help generate leads on your website. Your email address will not be published. I know my readers — a lot of you already make money and would like to continue growing your blog. From the homepage, you only need a keyword, domain, or page URL to fire up the tool. Aside from filtering keywords based using search volume, CPC, word count, and so on, you can also combine multiple filters for a more refined set of keywords.

For example, Serpstat can give you a list of your competitors for your seed keyword in PPC advertising. Not a lot of keyword research tools can utilize compound filters like Serpstat. And for that, it deserves a perfect score. Unlike most tools that work by expanding seed keywords, SpyFu focuses on helping you grab the target keywords of your competitors.

You can also use their brand name and let SpyFu automatically determine their address. Also, you can create a filter that only includes keywords with a specific term. Whenever you want to go to another page, you have to scroll all the way up, making the overall experience slightly slower. You could even find keywords that multiple competitors are targeting or generate white label reports — just in case your blog is run by a team.

While SpyFu is incredible in terms of usability, keyword suggestions, and reports, I really hope their filters were better. Instead, it encourages you to spy on your competitors and leverage the keywords that already work for them. Although the SpyFu team tracks millions of keywords, the tool sometimes yields zero paid search keywords in some sites. Finally, let me wrap up this post with another lightweight tool called Keyword Revealer.

Average monthly searches, CPC, competitiveness — all the metrics you care about regarding keywords are there. Keyword Revealer even chips in an estimate of your monthly profits for each keyword should you use them in your PPC campaign. Well, that perfectly sums up what the brainstorming tool does.

Keyword Revealer does an excellent job of keeping keyword research simple. You launch the tool, put in a seed keyword, extract long-tail variations, and export the results.

Why Keyword Research is Important?

It does, however, allow for unlimited keyword results even with the cheapest plan. Nevertheless, the developers have earned a high score for implementing something unique. They get the job done, but functionality-wise, they equal the filter options of free tools like Ubersuggest. As a paid tool, I expected Keyword Revealer to be capable of some domain analysis, which is a feature that even free tools like Ubersuggest have.

Keyword Revealer is a reliable tool that veered away from any advanced feature that could only overcomplicate keyword research. I know each blogger has their own preferences and needs. Hi Ankit. Nice list of keyword research tools. Actually I am confused about which one is best? SEMrush or Google keyword planner? Anjali, I think you should start with the Keyword Planner from Google. As a free option it is one of the best. SEMRush is great but you need to pay for it to be really effective.

I suggest you for use semrush. Becouse, this tool provide actual monthly search volume, keyword deficulty, trends etc. This is an awesome post on KW research tools. Semrush is little bit costly for new bloggers.

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In my personal experience I dont recommend anyone LongTailPro. Thanks for sharing this info. Hi, Great article! At this time, I thought this guide will help me to know more about keyword search tools. Great post. Yes, keyword research is a prime chapter of seo book.

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But newbie bloggers failed to recognize that. Really appreciate the way you explained the facts and it will clear the doubts of many inborn bloggers mindset for sure. But i think Market Samurai is missing in this list. Market Samurai is a excellent tool for discovering sharp results on any niche. Hi ankit, Great Detailed keyword tools review. Ankit its good to see a long list of keywords research tools As you said in post,from past fewdays am using kwkeyword i loved it ,can you please suggest best keywords research tool for niche blogging either paid or free based on your experience.

Google Keyword planner works best for me, better then most services. Other then this SEmrush and Long Tail pro are another good options, you can give a try.. I tried other free keyword researcher but found Google Keyword planner is best. It is true that I never used premium keyword tools. Those were awesome list of keyword planner, Specially Semrush, I am using since long time. But google planner is also good one if it comes to free. This is an awesome post on keyword research. In the list all the keyword research tools occurs.

2019 Best Amazon Product Research Tools to 10X your income - FBA Chrome Extension Review

The post contains the full knowledge of keyword research tools. Yes, people can see high quality post where ever they move their eye balls over your blog. Thanks for sharing. But the best one is Long tail pro! Recently i have started a new Hindi blog and Longtail Pro is very much helpful in finding all type of unique keywords, but Google Keyword Planner pretty much complicated then these 2!

Excellent List of Tools Ankit!

Experts Reveal Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO in

All are very useful to get really the flood of organic traffic to your blog. Hello Ankit, Google Keyword Planner is the best free tool for keyword research. Long tail Pro is another. I used ubersuggest and then use adword key word planner to get an idea of search voloume. But with the new website of ubersuggest. Is there any other website like ubser suggest?

Hi Ankit Sir, Really super article. Your writing skill is awesome. Thanks for gave full detail about keywords research. After read this brilliant article, my all doubt cleared of keywords research. Happy blogging journey. Hi, Ankit, Nice and very informative article. All I can say that Both are one of my favorite keyword research tools and I highly like them. But I am totally unaware of most the tools mentioned here in this article. I will definitely try them out. Hey Ankit, Thanks for the tips! Can you make and in-depth rreview of how often most popular keyword research tools get their, say, Google databases updates?

Really nice article Ankit!! I am new blogger who is passionate about writing on technology, marketing and tourism. I have been using Google Keyword Planner but have tried some the tools you have mentioned here. Ankit So far i was only using google keyword planner and some time i used to stuck whil searching some keywords, before reading this article i never heared about theses others keyword planner tools. Now i am gonna try some of them. Thanks for the needed information. Thanks Ankit! Your content is absolutely awesome. Basically, the use of these tools is to compare how big sites are compared to each other and how the traffic trends.

The actual number is never really that important apart from that. As a follow up, I did look at my GA and isolated just the organic traffic from USA and I can see that the number is very close to the one ahrefs is reporting…. If I enter the same term in KW Finder, it instantly comes up with search volume data and suggested keywords.

I was assured that they were working on it and that it was their top priority. You dug really deep! Why there is no serped though still new? That has to be the best damn review I have ever read about SEO software. Thanks so much for putting all the work into this. I have been on the fence between Moz, SEM and ahrefs. I finally narrowed it down to SEM or ahrefs. I can only afford one. Leaning toward SEM because it has more variety of tools and since I can only afford one, it serves me better.

But in an ideal world I take two just not sure which two. Probably no surprise if you read this review :. Thanks, Lewis! Great overview with important details. Our team has developed it for own needs. But our colleagues have loved it in one day. So, we are happy to share it with everyone seo master. There are a lot of things I like about kwfinder especially the aesthetics , I hope that the Mangools team looks into creating a separate tool or maybe adding it to kwfinder for competitor research, like what Semrush has.

If they did this and raised the cap limit on the searches per day, then they would be my go to tool for all kw research. I think they could become the go to for beginners while Ahrefs keep their higher end spot. I have to agree. Forgot to add that into my original comment. Your email address will not be published.

Our Top 9 Local Keyword Research Tools for 12222, Ranked

Skip to content. Lewis Parrott. Last Update: April 25, Or maybe you do. But how many of them actually deliver? Because the free tools all tend to be traditional in that you type in a seed keyword and they generate a relatively useful list of results. This is a valid question. I cried a lot that weekend. For a long time, this was the data source for pretty much every keyword tool on the market Or it was until Google changed its mind about sharing data with marketers. Because Google hates SEOs and affiliates…allegedly. I would never build a website based on their keyword competition data.

Ubersuggest Once upon a time, this was Ubersuggest. But Neil Patel saw the huge potential in this free tool and acquired it a few years ago. The actual keyword research tool shows you a good number of keyword suggestions:. Worst feature The keyword difficulty score is way off right now. That simple feature alone won this tool a lot of fans. Keywords Everywhere is what Google Keyword Planner should have evolved into. Best feature Do keyword research directly within your web browser. That looks cool, right? It is, but only if you want to develop neck, back, and shoulder strain.

Fortunately, you can also arrange the data in table format. Best feature It automates the process of harvesting long-tail keywords from Google, free of charge. Worst feature There are no filtering options. You have to download CSV files and do it manually. Yes, and for entirely valid reasons. Obviously, Search Console can only be used if you have a website with traffic coming to it. Our Assessment Criteria When we were putting together the refresh of this review we decided to put ourselves in the shoes of the average digital marketer and ask one question: What features of a keyword tool are most important to you?

You should always, always, manually check the SERPs before building content around a keyword. Basically, ask yourself if you can publish a better blog post than your ten competitors. And can you get more backlinks to that page than they have? Keyword Suggestions Having the most expensive keyword tool on the market might make you feel better about yourself.

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You can stop crying now. Why is SERP analysis so important? The first thing we have to give props for is the interface. Okay, at first glance this screen looks really busy. Keyword Suggestions The free version of this tool is limited to 50 searches, which is fine. SERP Analysis. Worst feature The limited number of returned searches is the lowest of any of the paid tools in this review. Because Google is doing its level best to hide data from SEOs and marketers. Moving along. Besides that, you have to export the data to a CSV file and work on it offline. Or to even bother trying in the first place.

Worst feature At this stage in the game, Moz should be leading the pack in keyword, backlink, and competitor analysis tools — especially considering they had a 6-year head start on many others in the industry. Their keyword tool has been a firm favorite of many SEOs and affiliate marketers for years.

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Visually, the interface is clean but dated, providing you with a quick overview of the important metrics, including: Volume Trends Difficulty SERP features One annoyance is that you have two keyword difficulty metrics displayed on the same page — KD organic and Comp PPC. So, when we apply their metric to our test keyword we see that it scores Keyword Filtering SEMrush allows you to filter keywords using all the usual toggles like word count, search volume, and keyword difficulty. Why is this important? Best feature The Keyword Magic window gives you an overview of a number of important metrics all in one place.

Worst feature The Keyword Difficulty score is way off. SerpStat Here we have a relative newcomer to the keyword research tool scene, arriving in , but managing to introduce itself to a wider audience thanks to AppSumo. First things first, the interface needs an overhaul. Or a makeover, at the very least. So, how does it actually perform? No surprises there. This would be massively more useful though if it only focused on the top 10 — 20 positions. We get a keyword difficulty rating of Keyword Filtering Sigh.

And now the not-so-good stuff. Just no. Best feature Extremely accurate keyword difficulty score, and comparable with one of the market leaders. Worst feature The lack of data filtering or collating is a major oversight — sorting by ascending or descending order is completely inadequate. Suitable for Affiliate marketers who need or want a no-frills keyword research tool with multiple foreign language databases. Ahrefs And last, but by no means least, we come to Ahrefs. Is it perfect? We got 32, keywords that contained variations on our seed keyword.

Why is this a big deal? Keyword Difficulty Ahrefs bases its Keyword Difficulty KD score on how many incoming links a given URL has — they even include that metric in their keyword difficulty scoring. Does that result look familiar? But SerpStat has come a long way in a short time, it seems.

SERP Analysis This is another feature where Ahrefs slaps the competition in the face and challenges it to a duel at dawn. Worst feature When you change the search region in Keyword Explorer…it resets the keyword field. Free vs. But a paid keyword tool is a very smart investment once you can afford one.

Doing that requires the investment of a lot of money in a lot of technology. KWFinder represents incredible value for money. Conclusion So, there you have it — our list of the best keyword research tools out there right now. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Share on pocket. Share on email. Share on print. Quick links. I'm also a digital nomad currently based in SE Asia.

I have an unhealthy addiction to internet marketing, documentaries and chocolate. Mmmm… chocolate. Subscribe to join our FREE training and…. Learn how to build white hat links to your site without headaches Finally have a proven method to finding profitable niches Get access to our foolproof keyword research methods Learn how to outsource high quality content. Stop chasing link building Techniques like a headless chicken: The only link building system you will ever need.

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