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The design, a work of :mlzd Architects, was the winner of the competition which was held for the renewal and restructuring of the existing museum. A unique and clearly contemporary facade marks the main entrance to the new spaces.

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Courtesy of mlzd Architects. The main approach to the historic town, from the north is maintained as clean and overall unchanged. It is only as one enters the town and comes much closer to the new facade that one is able to observe it through the narrow town-centre streets. Upon entering the new space, one is confronted with a world vastly different.

Clean white walls and green-tinted glass railings define space as clearly distinct from the old. Natural light filters through the roof and the new facade, changing with the seasons and times of day, and adding to this intentionally stark and contrasting interior. He fought the urge to pull back his hand and wipe the perspiration off his forehead and barely prevented himself from clearing his throat before speaking.

He could not remember any other point in his eleven-year career being so rattled within such a short period of time. The Janus Project by Brad Anderson.

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