The New Elementary Teachers Handbook: Flourishing in Your First Year

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In a safe and secure environment, we provide our learners a diversified experience where their potential can flourish. Parents were only allowed to walk their child into school during the first week of school.

This reduces interruptions in the morning and ensures a smooth start to the day. All students must know how they are getting home and this route should be consistent and noted on their registration card. Please do not change the way they go home unless it is necessary. All changes to transportation must be in writing.

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Transportation will not be changed without a note from the parent or guardian. If an emergency arises and it is necessary to make a change during the day, you must call the school by pm. Any replacement or additional car signs may be found in our front office. Thank you for your support and we look forward to a great year at Clearwater Elementary! School Supply List. Want to go ahead and get a head start on those school supplies? Click HERE to get the list! For more information please contact the school nurse or call Battle of the Books is a competition that encourages students to read books and compete with other schools for the title of District Battle of the Books Champs!

Find out how our school took part in this incredible competition! The community workforce development collaborative will host a six-week tour of Aiken County high school football games with a tailgate village set up prior to Friday night games. Student and staff volunteers at each school are looking forward to serving their community on Saturday, September 21st in a wide variety of projects. District-Wide Professional Development Day.

Fall Pictures. Skip to Main Content. District Home. Select a School Select a School. Sign In. This expanded third edition of The New Teacher Book grew out of Rethinking Schools workshops with early career teachers. It offers practical guidance on how to flourish in schools and classrooms and connect in meaningful ways with students and families from all cultures and backgrounds. But I have it now. We all have it now.

Read it.


Learn from it. Use it to change the world. For teachers who seek to make a difference, it will be a source of inspiration and a guide for how to sustain yourself during these difficult times. Most books were fine; there was nothing necessarily wrong with them. But they always seemed to neglect the things that mattered most. The New Teacher Book is an outlier in that it is solely comprised of what matters most in education today.

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From how to set up a classroom to what to teach inside of it, The New Teacher Book covers the questions that confound and dilemmas that paralyze new teachers from a holistic, anti-racist, student-centered perspective. It strikes the perfect balance of pieces that comfort and pieces that challenge. What can I do? Should I keep assigning it? By John Terry. By Bob Peterson. Blood on the Tracks Why are there so few Black students in our science classes?

The New Elementary Teacher's Handbook

By Amy Lindahl. Introduction When the editors of Rethinking Schools first conceived of this book, we thought back to our days as new teachers. We hoped to create the book we needed in those sometimes exhilarating, sometimes lonely, often hard first days of our teaching careers. This book is meant as a conversation among colleagues. We hope it is a conversation that helps you keep your vision and values intact as you struggle in institutions that may or may not be those citadels of idealism where you imagined yourself teaching. Our school districts need teachers who can advocate against the dumbing-down of curriculum, against testing mania, and against turn-ing our classrooms over to corporate-created curriculum. Our country needs teachers who understand the connections between race, class, and tracking.

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