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In March , the FDA approved the oral medication apremilast Otezla for clinically active psoriatic arthritis. Apremilast selectively blocks phosphodiesterase 4 PDE4 , an enzyme involved in inflammation. In one phase 3 clinical trial, people treated with apremilast showed significant improvement in signs and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis - including tender and swollen joints, physical function and skin symptoms - after 16 weeks on the drug. Up to 40 percent of patients saw at least a 20 percent improvement as measured by the American College of Rheumatology response criteria compared with 19 percent of patients who took a placebo.

In July , the U. It was already approved for rheumatoid arthritis RA and for one subtype of juvenile idiopathic arthritis JIA.

Types of psoriasis medicines

Technically called a "selective costimulation modulator," abatacept works by targeting T-lymphocytes T cells. These immune cells are overproduced in people with inflammatory arthritis. The drug attaches to the surface of T cells and blocks communication between these cells.

Latest Treatments for Psoriatic Arthritis

It also blocks the production of chemicals that can lead to joint damage and symptoms like pain and swelling. The therapy is done in a doctor's office, psoriasis clinic, or at home with a phototherapy unit. Before starting phototherapy, tell your doctor about any new drugs you are taking. Light therapy may not be recommended for people with certain medical conditions, such as lupus and porphyria, that require avoiding exposure to sunlight. Patients undergoing phototherapy should pay special attention to their skin. Minor side effects can include redness and itching, and a patient's psoriasis may worsen temporarily.

Skin should also be monitored for suspicious lesions and any other early signs of cancer. Although most of these approaches are safe, you should talk to your doctor before trying any new treatment or technique. You can also try avoiding specific dietary triggers that may increase inflammation and worsen your symptoms.

Topics under Psoriasis

But too much sun can worsen outbreaks and increase your risk of skin cancer. Talk to your doctor about how much sunlight exposure is safe for your situation.

You can add colloidal oatmeal, Epsom salts, or Dead Sea salts to bathwater to help calm inflamed skin. But stay away from hot water and harsh soaps, which can worsen your symptoms.

Causes and Treatment of Psoriasis

Ointments can help lock in moisture better than creams. Exercise can also help you sleep better and reduce anxiety. Scientific research about its effectiveness has been inconclusive, but patients report that it can offer relief. More in Psoriasis What Is Psoriasis? Is It Psoriasis or Something Else?

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Psoriasis cannot be cured, but there are treatment options that include biologic drugs, topicals, and light therapy. Is Psoriasis Contagious? Is Psoriasis Genetic? What Are the Risk Factors for Psoriasis? How Is Psoriasis Treated? Doctors typically start with the mildest approach and move on from there. Topical Treatments: Over-the-Counter and Prescription Topical treatments are applied directly to the skin and are usually the first option for treating mild to moderate psoriasis. Psoriasis Drugs: Biologic Medication Biologic drugs are protein-based medicines that are derived from living cells cultured in a laboratory. The following medicines are examples of biologics: Cosentyx secukinumab Enbrel etanercept Humira adalimumab Remicade infliximab Siliq brodalumab Stelara ustekinumab Taltz ixekizumab Tremfya guselkumab Psoriasis Drugs: Systemic Medication Systemic treatments for psoriasis are drugs that work throughout the body.

Systemic medicines can be taken by mouth or given by injection. Examples of off-label systemic medicines for psoriasis include: Hydrea hydroxyurea 6-thioguanine Accutane isotretinoin CellCept mycophenolate mofetil Azulfidine sulfasalazine. Complementary and alternative therapies are sometimes used to improve symptoms of psoriasis. Sign up for our Living with Psoriasis Newsletter! Thanks for signing up for our newsletter!

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What is Psoriasis and the Best Psoriasis Treatment at Mayo Clinic

By day 7, most patients take the full dose, which involves swallowing one pill in the morning and one pill 12 hours later. In clinical trials, some patients became depressed or noticed that an existing depression worsened. A few patients had suicidal thoughts while taking apremilast. Other patients had unexplained weight loss. You should tell your dermatologist if you:. Access the entire library of psoriasis videos, featuring board-certified dermatologists answering common questions about psoriasis.

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