Triangular Teaching: A New Way of Teaching the Bible to Adults

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Covenant and Kingdom: The DNA of the Bible by Mike Breen provides stories and verse from the Old and New Testaments that are woven together and cross-referenced along the biblical themes of covenant and kingdom. Want to take a closer look at just the Old or New Testament in a small-group format? A DVD, participant book, and the book the study was based on are available. Wright and Michael F. Bird is a brand new study that takes you on a tour of the story behind the explosive story of the New Testament. A DVD and study guide are available. There is a wide variety in the length of each study ranging from 5 to 22 sessions.

Both series do not cover every book in the Bible, but they are a good starting point for groups that want an in-depth study of a particular book. These book studies are available from Cokesbury. The LifeGuide Bible Study series also offers many book studies on individual books of the Bible, although not all of them. This series also offers topical studies.

The Media Center has several of these book studies. We do have some additional DVD studies that happen to focus on one book of the Bible. These session studies are made for small groups. Journey Through the Psalms by Denise Dombkowski Hopkins seeks to help participants recognize the range of prayer in the Psalms, how they have they been used in the history of the church, the figurative language, and how Psalms help us speak about what God is like and what we are like in relationship to God. A DVD, leader guide, participant guide, and the book the study is based on are available.

In this study, participants will follow the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus through the Gospel of John and understand the context of some of the best-known verses in the New Testament. Wright breaks down the chapters of Romans and explains how Paul created a tradition of Christian thought where none had existed before. A DVD and a book are available. The best study that we have on Revelation is by Dr.

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Efird , but it is long at 16 sessions. Metzger recently released in a revised edition. And there are some real trade-offs one should bear in mind before committing to the classical method. Also remember that each of these drawbacks can be mitigated or resolved with a little ingenuity on the part of the parent-teacher. As mentioned above, there are oceans of information on classical education.

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Parent-teachers can find many curricula and networks to power their classical classrooms. Most "classical" homeschools are really eclectic homeschools in nature, simply with an emphasis classical methodology. The Well-Trained Mind materials from Susan Wise Bauer, coauthored with her mother Jessie Wise, are probably the best place to start, along with the accompanying website.

It walks the reader through the basic theory of modern classical education, and gives straight-forward advice and recommendations for conducting a classical homeschool from pre-K to 12th grade. Each chapter has curricula and material recommendations most of which the authors have either created, or used extensively. The site ClassicalChristianHomeschooling. This article answers conventional "factory style" education with a classical liberal arts emphasis.

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The book Liberal Arts Tradition , by Jain and Clark, advances beyond the Wise-Bauer method, utilizing a "holistic" and traditional liberal arts method. This text is recommended for parent-teachers who are familiar with the modern classical method but would like to gain a deeper and richer understanding of the underlying liberal arts tradition tracing back through the ancient and medieval eras.

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At the heart of the classical method is a list of Great Books. These great books are the time-honored, vetted texts which have proven to be important contributions to the great conversations across the history of Western and global civilizations. Both of these lists are arranged by chronological order, but the Wise-Bauer list is comprised of roughly books while the Adler-VanDoren list is much longer.

Most of these books are in the public domain or can be found free at libraries or cheap at used books stores. Since many homeschool families use the classical method, there are lots of compatible homeschool networks to choose from, and quite likely one in your area. Based on the teachings of 19th century homeschooling pioneer, Charlotte Mason, this Christian homeschool style utilizes short periods of study, typically minutes maximum for elementary students, and 45 minutes maximum for high schoolers.

These short periods are coupled with nature walks, nature journals, history portfolios, and lots of practice in observation, memorization, and narration. Reading plays a big role in CM homeschools, especially biographies, classics, and other "living books" i. This method sacrifices lectures and expertise, and in return gets a child-directed observational approach that is easy on the budget, fairly flexible, and which lets children discover and learn at their own pace. See also: SimpyCharlotteMason. In some ways, the Charlotte Mason CM method borrows some of the best from the Classical method, Unit-studies, and even Unschooling methods to come up with a fairly-well proven yet student-directed methodology.

Charlotte Mason method has many distinctives, making it a popular option for contemporary homeschoolers. Charlotte Mason methodology is not without its drawbacks.

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Parent-teachers pursuing the CM method would do well to remember these concerns, and prepare to compensate, before these issues become problems in their own classrooms. Charlotte Mason methodology is very popular and has quite a few subscribers. These three sites, and especially the first and second of these, are the most prolific and comprehensive of their kind. Charlotte Mason educators must stay in close contact with AmblesideOnline and SimplyCharlotteMason to remain current on developments in modeling and implementation.

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Several guidebooks would serve well to orient you to the Charlotte Mason Method. The first two listed should be read in order. The first of these is short and sweet, at pages, and serves as a great starting point. The second text is longer at pages , more in depth, and instructive in answering any follow-up questions you might have after starting this method. The next book, by Karen Andreola, offers another voice for the same cause, and is even more in depth pages.

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Of course, you can get a condensed account of the method by scanning the websites above for articles like "What is the Charlotte Mason method? SimplyCharlotteMason and Ambleside both offer CM curricula, but they also offer schedules, planning materials, printables for the classroom, and curriculum guides to cover the many intricacies of teaching. Living Books Press is primarily a Charlotte Mason publisher.

The Critical Thinking Company is a good source for math and logic materials and most everything they offer can be divided into minute segments, suitable for Charlotte Mason class periods. Besides the forums at SimplyCharlotteMason there is also Charlotte Mason In Community , a nationwide network of Charlotte Mason parent-teachers sharing tips and resources to make homeschooling work for you. Coined by early 20th century Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori , this method grew out of her psychology work with special-needs children.

This method is a humanistic student-based approach utilizing free movement, large-unstructured time blocks up to 3 hours , multi-grade classes,c and interest-based and individualized learning plans. See: Montessori. This method is perhaps the most questionable inclusion in this list, not because of its effectiveness.

This method is well-proven as a child-friendly humanistic educational model. The problem is that Montessori schooling is often overlooked as a homeschool method. Montessori schools often incorporate lots of furniture, constructs, and tactiles, to make their classrooms inventive playgrounds for young learners. In this way, the Montessori method is tailor fit for homeschooling. Nevertheless, many articles listing the different homeschool methods leave out Montessori entirely. For Montessori education, aspiring educators can go straight to the source. Maria Montessori has several guidebooks from which to choose.

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Tim Seldin also has a popular, and contemporary book on Montessori homeschool education. The International Montessori Index has more tools and resources, but has the added benefit of indexing most every Montessori School in the world. You can use contact information to find a Montessori school where you can observe, inquire, and learn more from actual Montessori educators and administrators.

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She offers lots of practical and non-technical resources for orienting you into this method. There are many Montessori publishers to choose from. But be aware that since Montessori is still primarily a school-house educational model i. They can be fairly expensive on an item-by-item basis. You may have to do some research or get creative i.

Fortunately, even within conventional Montessori schools, however, there are many recommended materials for use at home. It is thus that the Montessori method has always overlapped heavily with homeschooling.

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The Hope4Me printables are a great place to start your own library of free Montessori materials. EdVid is unique for offering primarily video-based materials. So long as you are willing to network with school-house educators in the Montessori tradition, there are lots of groups and networks to choose from. Based largely on the work of homeschooling pioneer John Holt, Unschooling is a free-form learning model which is student-centered, unconventional, and individualistic. Unschooling allows homeschool parent-teachers to question most everything about conventional schooling whether public, private, or homeschooling.

In this model, parent-teachers tend to be facilitators rather than lecturers, instructors or otherwise "conventional" teachers. Unschooling is probably the most unique homeschooling option in the bunch. And since it veers widely from School-at-Home and Classical models, it can appear strange and impractical. The drawbacks are essentially the "flip side" of the benefits. Parent-teachers who Unschool will find that this method can challenge their expectations.

Unschooling is liable to be the most confusing and unfamiliar method for parent-teachers to use. Holt explains the theory behind Unschooling and Aldrich offers short and sweet axioms to help shape your Unschooling outlook. Save on Slightly Imperfect Fab Friday. By: Barbara Bruce. Email me when this product is available. Wishlist Wishlist. Write a Review. Advanced Search Links. Product Close-up.

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