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How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

There is so much excitement that comes from being able to provide a safe space for our community to be itself, raw, candid, and liberated. As we have tapped into and addressed dozens of issues over the years we have seen an incredible amount of growth from the inside out. Our organization has had an opportunity to expand and provide smaller showcases across NYC and beyond. This experience has given us a chance to connect with other artists who have never heard of us and share that platform of truth and freedom with them.

Our theme this year, " Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

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Its lifecycle is independent. It enables safe pod restarts and sharing data between pods.

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Percent by Volume Definition

The way I understand it is that the concept of a Persistent Volumes builds on that of a Volume and that the difference is that a Persistent Volume is more decoupled from Pods using it. Or as expressed in the introduction of the documentation page about Persistent Volumes:. PVs are volume plugins like Volumes, but have a lifecycle independent of any individual pod that uses the PV. NFS is not really relevant here.

Both Volumes and Persistent Volumes are Kubernetes resources. They provide an abstraction of a data storage facility. So for using the cluster, it doesn't matter which concrete operating system resource is behind that abstraction. That's in a way the whole point of Kubernetes.

Alcohol by volume

It might also be relevant here to keep in mind that Kubernetes and its API are still evolving. I presume one reason for this is to maintain backwards compatibility while still being able to fine tune basic API concepts. Another example for this are Replication Controllers and Replica Sets, which conceptually largely overlap and are therefore redundant to some extent. A volume exists in the context of a pod, that is, you can't create a volume on its own.

BEING - What You Need Vol.12

A persistent volume on the other hand is a first class object with its own lifecycle, which you can either manage manually or automatically. There is no difference 'behind the scenes', the difference is just in presentation. The same way there is no difference between a 'file' and a 'file in a folder'.

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Possibly also there is a difference in that persistent volumes have a storage limit that can be set, though I'm not certain about this. If so I still don't see why ordinary volumes could not have this storage limit functionality as well. Learn more. First 10 Free.

What is the difference between a volume and persistent volume?

Faces of the TSA! Volume 12

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