Willow and Puck, big trouble for little goats: REVISED EDITION with full color illustrations

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Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Next page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Books By Dawn Munro. Dancing With Light: out of darkness Living Waters: inspirational poems for daily living Nov 14, Passionate Hearts - poetry for lovers Sep 17, Living With Grace Jul 26, The Cat God Loves: autobiographical, with photos battling bladder stones in cats Jul 26, The Adventures of Hershy: a Siamese cat Nov 12, Oct 18, Get it by Thursday, Oct Brownies originated as domestic tutelary spirits, very similar to the Lares of ancient Roman tradition.

Descriptions of brownies vary regionally, but they are usually described as ugly, brown-skinned, and covered in hair. In the oldest stories, they are usually human-sized or larger. In more recent times, they have come to be seen as small and wizened. They are often capable of turning invisible and they sometimes appear in the shapes of animals.

They are always either naked or dressed in rags. If a person attempts to present a brownie with clothing or if a person attempts to baptize him, he will leave forever. Although the name brownie originated as a dialectal word used only in northern England and Scotland, it has since become the standard term for all such creatures throughout Great Britain. Brownies have also appeared outside of folklore, including in John Milton 's poem L'Allegro. They became popular in works of children's literature in the late nineteenth century and continue to appear in works of modern fantasy.

Brownies originated as domestic tutelary spirits, very similar to the Lares of ancient Roman tradition, who were envisioned as the protective spirits of deceased ancestors. The family cult of deceased ancestors in ancient times centred around the hearth, [2] which later became the place where offerings would be left for the brownie. Traditions about brownies are generally similar across different parts of Great Britain. Brownies are almost always described as solitary creatures who work alone and avoid being seen.

In , John Brand wrote in his description of Shetland that:. They also had some stacks of corn, which they called Brownie's Stacks, which, though they were not bound with straw ropes, or in any way fenced as other stacks used to be, yet the greatest storm of wind was not able to blow away straw off them. Brownies are virtually always male, [11] but female brownies, such as Meg Mullach or "Hairy Meg" , have occasionally been described as well. In the late nineteenth century, the Irish folklorist Thomas Keightley described the brownie as "a personage of small stature, wrinkled visage, covered with short curly brown hair, and wearing a brown mantle and hood".

Like the Phooka in Irish folklore, brownies are sometimes described as taking the forms of animals. Brownie has't a'! If the brownie feels he has been slighted or taken advantage of, he will vanish forever, taking the prosperity of the house with him. It's no' weel mow'd! A brownie can also be driven away if someone attempts to baptize him. Sometimes giving the brownie a name was enough to drive him away.

If the family gives the brownie a gift of clothing, he will leave forever and refuse to work for the family. Red breeks and a ruffled sark! Ye'll no get me to do your wark! Gie Brownie a coat, gie Brownie a sark, Ye'se get nae mair o' Brownie's wark.

Explanations differ regarding why brownies disappear when presented with clothes, [33] but the most common explanation is that the brownie regards the gift of clothing as an insult. Harden, harden, harden hamp, I will neither grind nor stamp; Had you given me linen gear, I have served you many a year. Thrift may go, bad luck may stay, I shall travel far away.

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The Cauld Lad of Hilton seems to have wanted clothes and to have been grateful for the gift of them, yet still refused to stay after receiving them. Wae's me! Read on…. A fabulous fox and cockerel in Storytime Issue 56, by Jane Lukas. His wonderful bloom shop is also at risk unless he can track down the culprit quickly. As always, Giorgia Broseghini provides the art.

This poem also inspired our monthly Teaching Resource Pack, free to all school subscribers. Find out more about it here. Action-lovers will enjoy our myth, Voyage to Easter Island , which tells how Polynesian adventurers braved a long and perilous journey to find a new home. Felipe Rodriguez Rodriguez did an excellent job of the illustrations and gave us a hammerhead shark to remember. It stars an Easter bunny who hates chocolate!

Willow & Alex (Willow Only) 2nd September 2019

Find out how she overcomes her fears to make sure all those eggs get delivered on time. Thanks to Katya Longhi for the illustrations. Storytime Issue 56 closes with Miser and Merry — a tale of two farmers with very different attitudes to life and how they treat people.

You can probably guess from their names how they are, but when a magical dwarf intervenes, one of them learns an important lesson. Dnepwu provided the illustrations for this classic folk tale. Have a look at Storytime Issue 56 here! We hope you enjoy it. Let us know your faves by dropping us a line on Twitter , Facebook or Instagram! So what exactly do you need to do? Just read to your child for 10 minutes every day. We have some solutions for you. Tiredness This is perhaps one of the most common reasons given for not reading to your child for 10 minutes every day.

Either you or your child is too exhausted. All you want to do is collapse on the sofa and watch some telly or fall into bed. That might be first thing in the morning, at lunch, before dinner, after dinner. There is no right time — keep changing it until you get it right. Read more on finding time to read here. Your solution: Treat 10 minutes of reading to your child like you would any other daily task. Schedule it in and add it to your to-do list. You could put it in your diary or journal or even make a wall chart for you or your child to tick off. One with a gazillion benefits thrown in for both you — reading together is a great stress reliever — and your child.

You need to change things up. There are so many ways you can do this. You can change your reading material. Try non-fiction, for instance, or try a myth instead of a fairy tale. Change where and how you read — go outside, read in a blanket tent, read by torchlight. Change when you read — do it at a completely different time.



Alternatively, reward yourselves for reading. We have some ideas on how you can do that here. Simple actions like this can banish boredom and ensure that your 10 minutes of reading is something you look forward to and treasure. Fidgetiness Some children have supernova-levels of energy.

Some have short attention spans. We get it. Though getting them to settle might seem like an impossible feat, a Storytime session might be the very thing you need. Your solution: Use Storytime to help your child transition from fully alert to that relaxed twilight state before sleep. Think of your 10 minutes of Storytime as meditation or a cool down. Explain that this will be part of your bedtime routine from now on.

You could even fit in one of our poems!

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Yes, it will make your child a more confident and able reader. Yes, there are numerous other benefits , educational and otherwise. But the most compelling reason of all is that it sends a powerful message to your child. Did we cover your barriers to reading to your children? Has this helped you prioritise reading for 10 minutes a day? Let us know by getting in touch on our social media channels: Twitter , Facebook or Instagram. It just goes to show how many fantastic stories are out there battling it out to make the cover.

In fact, we love the cover of Storytime Issue 55 so much gracias, Leire Martin!

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Why come up with a dull explanation for events when you can blame a dragon? Anyway, back to our lovely new issue — of which we are very proud and excited apart from the harmless typo. So before we get carried with or by dragons, find out more here. In this issue, Little Red Riding Hood has to face her fears and walk through the woods to visit granny again. Will she listen to advice this time and stay on the path? Naturally, the Big Bad Wolf tries to live up to his name.

Stan and the Dragon is a fun and adventurous fairy tale from Romania featuring a character who uses brains rather than brawn to outwit two dragons. Oh, and he has children! The gorgeous cover those colours! This tale comes from his collection of Just So Stories , and we have updated it for a modern, younger readership. Marilisa Cotroneo illustrated this story and gave us the gorgeous cuddling elephants at the end.

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School subscribers will get a free classroom pack to use with this story. It contains a glossary, lesson ideas, activities, quizzes, comprehension tests and more. Find out more on our Schools site. Special thanks to illustrator Carolina Grosa for bringing it to life. You can also download the original version here. We love the raspberry mouse hat! Well, in this story, you can meet him and witness a bird backlash! Llamas, magic birds and golden lakes in this Storytime Issue 55 tale from Ecuador. Art by Lujan Fernandez. You can travel to Ecuador for our Around the World Tale.

When an Incan ruler requires water from a golden lake to cure his illness, a little girl sets off with her llama to save the day. Along the way she meets magical birds and fierce lake guardians. As you can imagine, Odin is unamused, especially by his new grey hairs and wrinkles. Shares fantastic illustrations from talent all over the world? Squeezes in poetry, puzzles, activities, printables, games, colouring, book reviews, quizzes and competitions too? You can read more about that here.